Generator Crushed Like a Coke Can…[Video]

You’ve probably never seen this before. I know I haven’t.

When I invented the PowerWhisperer I knew it had to be tough. We put it through the paces but you can’t test for every situation.

Well, a customer recently purchased our entry level M-Model then decided upgrade to our new PowerWhisperer Pro.

The pro is a new unit entirely so we asked her to ship the M-Model back to us.

Bless her heart…she did everything right but the shipping company made a HUGE mistake (as you can see below).

This is how the unit arrived to our warehouse!

PowerWhisperer Crushed - Still Works?

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it. I’d never before seen a PowerWhisperer that had been through this much abuse.

It was literally hit by a truck.

But the question was…will it still work? Could the PowerWhisperer withstand this level of abuse and still function?