Obama Moves to Federalize Local Police… And No One Notices

police-862341_640The Obama administration is using a little-known law to quietly impose federal rule over local police departments.

It works like this. Under the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, the U.S. Attorney General can prosecute law enforcement misconduct anywhere in the country. When the Attorney General chooses to take such an action, it comes down, not just on the local law enforcement agency, but also on the municipality that it serves.

The municipality then has a choice. Fight the charges. Or agree to them. If they agree—which most do because they don’t want to go toe-to-toe with the Justice Department—the law enforcement agency in question is then placed under a court order that essentially gives federal officials control over that police department.

This is happening all over the country. Newark, New Jersey… Miami, Florida… Chicago, Illinois… just to name a few.

All without congressional oversight, without public comment, without much notice from anyone at all.

Except the U.N., which is encouraging the Obama administration to extend consent decrees to as many of the 18,000 local law enforcement jurisdictions as possible.

This is something that could have a huge effect on the safety and security of your own community, so make sure you read the full story here.