“Don’t Tread on Me” Being Targeted as Racist

early-42001_640It’s breathtaking sometimes the lengths federal bureaucrats and race warlords will go to impinge on your free speech rights.

Their latest target? The Gadsden flag. You know the one. A rattlesnake on a yellow background with the words “Don’t Tread on Me” underneath.

Our forefathers flew this flag during the Revolutionary War. It has nothing to do with the Civil War or the South or slavery. And yet, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission is investigating whether or not people wearing clothing with the Gadsden emblem on it to work should be fair game for racial harassment suits.

The EEOC acknowledges right up from that there is no inherent racial meaning to the Gadsden flag in terms of its historical context. But because some people feel that it’s racially insensitive, it may be ruled that it is.

If that happens, then employers will have a strong incentive to forbid people from wearing any clothing bearing the Gadsden symbol to work. If they don’t, they might find themselves on the wrong end of an expensive law suit.

This is a weasel’s way to legislate away our first amendment rights. If they succeed in making the Gadsden flag a racist symbol, then they can succeed at making anything a racist symbol. And that leaves us all at the mercy of the very worst aspects of political correctness.

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