Sharia Law Impacting Health Care

Too Much PaperworkThere’s a subset of Muslim immigrants in this country who would like to see us all living under Sharia law. And they’re making inroads.

Specifically, these proponents of Sharia law are beginning to have an impact on healthcare in certain parts of the country.

In some hospitals, there’s a documented pattern of some (not all) Muslim healthcare workers putting Sharia law over hospital protocols. In some cases, infection control protocols are ignored. In other cases, Muslim visitors sometimes refuse to follow hygiene guidelines meant to protect patients.

And hospitals have their hands tied. They don’t want to appear to be discriminating against a religion. For example, in one situation a Muslim nurse refused the flu vaccine required of all hospital personnel, stating it violated her religion. When she was fired, she claimed her civil rights were violated.

A court upheld the hospital’s actions, but hospitals are gun shy of lawsuits, so it will not be surprising if they begin taking steps to avoid these kinds of lawsuits in the first place.

I have no problem with hospitals in areas with large Muslim populations taking steps to be more accommodating… as long as it’s their choice. And as long as it doesn’t compromise overall patient care.

But I suspect we’ll see a spate of new legislation demanding hospitals and other medical facilities concede to Muslim demands… even if they would never concede to similar demands from Jewish or Christian patrons.

Keep close tabs on your own local hospitals. Watch how they are navigating these difficult waters. It could have an impact on your healthcare in the future. For more on how sharia law is working its way into the American medical system, click here.