$1 Trillion in New Taxes Under Hillary

packs-163497_640If Hillary wins the national election, get ready to open your wallet and hand over more of your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam.

And if you think you’ll avoid being hit by her new taxes because she’s pledged not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000… well, don’t bank on it.

Hillary plans to raise the income tax. She’s not looking at a specific rate hike… she’s trying to avoid an argument by capping deductions. Still, the end result is more Americans paying more money to the federal government and keeping less for themselves.

She also wants to raise taxes on businesses. By a lot. That’s going to translate to higher prices on goods for average Americans. And fewer jobs.

She wants to change how capital gains are taxed. She wants to raise the death tax. She’s all for a steep tax on carbonated soft drinks. And she wants to enact taxes on stock trading.

My favorite… Hillary has endorsed a 25% tax on the purchase of firearms. How you can support the Second Amendment and want to charge citizens to exercise it? Oh, wait. Hillary only says she supports the Second Amendment, but she doesn’t want average Americans to be armed.

All these new taxes are just a reminder that Hillary views you as a subject of the state.

To see a full break down of Hillary’s tax plans, visit Americans for Tax Reform.