What Would Make Your Top Ten List?

0003731-Bug-out-BagTop ten lists are good because they give you an insight into other people’s priorities. They make you think about your own priorities. And they’re a good starting point… whether you want begin a conversation or make your own checklist.

Survival top ten lists are no exception.

For example, take a look at this top ten list, here… the top ten things to include in a survival kit.

It’s a good list. And I wouldn’t necessarily want to leave behind any of the items featured on it.

But I would want a handgun and ammunition. I would want a backpack to carry all this stuff in. And I would want water purification tablets, because there isn’t always fuel at the ready to boil water.

For my own list, I’d include:

  1. A canteen full of water. Stainless steel makes sense because you can heat it if you need to.
  2. Water purification tablets
  3. Warm, weather-proof clothes including a good pair of shoes… a pair of well-fitted hiking boots would be my preference.
  4. A lightweight, emergency blanket
  5. A good knife
  6. A firearm and ammunition
  7. First aid kit
  8. A fire starter
  9. A sturdy backpack for carrying it all
  10. Freeze-dried food

Narrowing your own survival wish list down to your top ten items is a good way to clarify your priorities. I recommend setting a goal to have your top ten items stocked—at least a month’s supply worth in the case of consumables—within the next three months.

Imagine how much better prepared you’ll fell if you make that happen!