Democrats Refuse to Face Reality of Terrorism

monkey-557586_640We hire our politicians to deal with reality on a big scale.

We all have to deal with reality in our day-to-day lives. Lost jobs. Bills that are due. Morning traffic. These are a daily reality for many, many people. And they deal with it.

On a bigger scale we have massive debts, a bloated healthcare system, and terrorist attacks that are happening around the world with alarming frequency.

Unfortunately, all these things are happening because the people in Washington aren’t willing to deal with reality.

They don’t have enough money to pay for the huge welfare state they’ve built. That’s reality. But they keep spending it anyway… that’s not dealing with reality.

Healthcare and insurance were failing because of too much government involvement. Reality. Enter Obamacare—a massive failure to deal with reality.

And then there’s terrorism. In the last week—just the last week!—ISIS and other terrorist groups orchestrated 11 attacks ranging from Baghdad to Kabul to Munich Germany… and those are just the ones that ended up with five or more people dead. That’s reality.

But at the Democratic National Convention, while they had 61 different speakers during the first day, not a one of them mentioned terrorism or ISIS. That’s a failure to deal with reality.

Check out Donald Trump’s theory on why ISIS didn’t get a single mention during the DNC’s first day.