Republican Convention—Will There Be Violence?

cleveland-454067_640Hosting a political convention is typically an economic win for a city.

And so far, it has been for Cleveland, the city where the Republican Convention is taking place.  Upgrades to the city infrastructure in the lead-up to the convention have meant lots of new work for local contracting businesses. And the influx of visitors during convention week mean lots of dollars being spent at local businesses.

But few times in history has there been so much concern that a political convention could be disrupted by massive violence.

Donald Trump—the presumptive nominee—gets a big rise out of some people. And many of his speaking engagements in recent months, have attracted large groups of protesters. Often they become violent, striking out at Trump supporters and throwing things at supporters and security personnel.

It’s no surprise that city officials in Cleveland are concerned that people protesting the convention may resort to violence.

Many protesters accuse Trump of being racist. So, in the wake of rising tensions between police officers and black communities, some fear that the Republican Convention may be a flashpoint between this two groups.

After the sniper ambush of police officers in Dallas and the shooting death of three more officers in Baton Rouge this last weekend… it certainly isn’t an unfounded concern.

Worries about violence don’t stop there.

A terrorist attack is also a major concern.

After the Pulse shooting in Orlando, the bombing of the Turkish Airport, the restaurant attack in Bangladesh, and the recent massacre in Nice, France… just a few attacks worldwide out of dozens in the last few weeks… it will be surprising if ISIS doesn’t have something planned for the convention.

That doesn’t mean they’ll be successful. But it does mean that attendees of the convention and local residents need to be on high alert.

If you live in Cleveland or are attending the convention, don’t assume that security is fool-proof. If you see something that alarms you or gives you a bad gut feeling, don’t ignore it.

If you can explain why something makes you afraid, alert security. But if all you have is a gut feeling, just remove yourself from the situation as soon as you can.

If everyone is on the lookout for security threats, we might get through this thing unscathed.

Learn more about security at the convention here.