25 Ways WD-40 Can Help You in a Survival Situation

spray-1478216_640Everyone knows that duct tape is an essential tool in any preparedness inventory. You can do so much with the iconic tape.

And you may know that zip ties can come in handy in a bunch of different survival situations.

But what about WD-40?

Does that have a place in your self-reliance toolkit? You bet it does!

For example, if you want a handy fire starter to add to your bug-out bag, just pack cotton balls and WD-40. Before you start your fire, liberally spray the cotton balls with WD-40. Your cotton balls will light right up and they’ll burn longer, so they’ll have time to catch your wood and set it to burning.

Speaking of fire and WD-40—if you have one of those cans that has a straw on it, you can use it and a lighter to make a very impressive flame torch. You can use it to burn away wasp nests… or to make an assailant think twice about attacking you.

Good tools are essential in any sort of protracted disruption. You can keep your tools in good repair by spraying the heads and handles with WD-40.

See these tips and 22 others when you watch the video below.