6 Rules to Fighting that Could Save Your Life

karate-1343889_640I can’t imagine you want to get into a fight with anybody.

Fights are messy and painful. And depending on who you’re fighting, they can be very serious… even lethal.

But if a fight finds you—meaning if someone tries to mug you or to beat you up because you’re in the “wrong” neighborhood—you need to know how to handle yourself. A fight with a thug can quickly turn deadly.

It’s even worse if you encounter a gang of thugs. They won’t promise you a fair fight.

The bottom line is even though you don’t anticipate getting into a fight, it’s important that you take some basic steps to prepare so that you can remove yourself from that kind of situation as quickly as possible… or even better, avoid it entirely.

In this video below, military contractor and civilian trainer, Doug Marcaida, gives you six tips for adopting the right mindset to survive a fight where your life could be on the line.

Like I said, you never want to find yourself in that kind of situation… but sometimes bad things happen to good people. It’s better to know ahead of time how you need to react. Enjoy the video!