Another ISIS Attack… That’s 18 This Year

airport-178192_640The terrible attack in Florida that claimed 49 lives was the 17th attack this year perpetrated by ISIS, mostly on civilian targets.

And then this week, the attack on the airport in Istanbul, with another 41 people dead, makes 18. We’re talking hundreds of lives… and very nearly an attack a week.
In Istanbul, the attackers showed an alarming level of sophistication. They used a three-tier strategy, first attacking a parking garage. The garage attack drew security forces away from the main terminal.

A second attack happened in the drop off area, outside the front doors of the airport. It took the biggest toll, in terms of lives lost and injuries.

It also allowed a third attacker to enter the airport to attempt further damage.

The tactics show time spent studying the airport and its security, and a high level of coordination and determination.

This attack in Istanbul should put Americans on high alert. If you are traveling anywhere that personal defense weapons are not allowed, be extra alert to suspicious behavior. If you are somewhere that could be considered a high-value target and something happens nearby to draw security’s attention, chances are you’re dealing with a distraction technique like that used in Istanbul. You could be in grave danger.

Your best course of action in that case—especially if you are someplace where you are not allowed to defend yourself—is to leave. Stay calm, but don’t waste time.

To read more about how the attack in Istanbul was executed, just click here. What you’ll read will make you angry, but it may also give you the awareness to avoid a similar attack closer to home.