Obama Lies About Criminal Immigrant Crime Rate

In 2014, the Obama administration oversaw the release of a more than 30,000 undocumented criminals. These are illegal aliens whose crimes go way past entering the country without permission. They’ve committed crimes like assault, sexual assault, drunk driving, kidnap, and murder.

But Obama released them. Just like he’s released a total of 85,000 criminal aliens in the last three years.

In an investigation of how many crimes these immigrants (who could have been deported) committed after their release, the Obama administration outright lied.

In reports to the House Judiciary Committee, the administration misrepresented the number of repeat offenses by a factor of ten. That’s right. These criminals from foreign countries committed ten times as many crimes as the Obama administration admitted.

The takeaway from this is… you can’t trust the Obama administration to play it straight with their facts.

And there are thousands of violent criminals walking around out there, so understanding how to look after your own self defense is essential.

These numbers are pretty unbelievable… take a look and see for yourself.