Free Speech Online Under Fire Around the World

Politicians don’t like free speech.

They don’t like for citizens to criticize their actions—especially their hypocritical or corrupt actions. They don’t like average people to expose their lies.

With the rise of the Internet, and especially social media, it’s become possible for regular folks to do great damage to companies and to politicians.

Do online citizen-reporters always get it right? Absolutely not.

But that’s no reason for governments to take control of the Internet and stop people from expressing opinions or being critical of policies.

This is exactly what’s happening all around the world, though.

A dozen countries have passed laws to “control” online speech. Or they have laws that have been proposed and are being debated. China and Iran are on that list. No surprise there.

So are Pakistan and Malaysia. More surprising are Brazil and Bolivia.

These laws are often vague, banning people from posting things that would “disturb the public order” or some such nonsense that leaves politicians free to interpret the law however they would like.

I know what you’re probably thinking… that such a law will never pass here. But be aware that plenty of people would love to shut down politically incorrect speech online. And online speech doesn’t have the same protections as offline speech. That’s why I maintain a print-only publication, so that I can bring you uncensored news that you need every month.

Read more about the decline of Internet freedom around the world—knowledge is the first step toward being prepared!