Brilliant and Creative Strategies for Harvesting Rainwater

When you find yourself in a survival situation—particularly a scenario that is drawn out—your top concern is finding a clean, safe source of water for drinking and cooking and staying clean.

Without drinking water, you’ll quickly find yourself in a world of hurt (the deadly kind).

If your local source of drinking water becomes unreliable because of a break down in law and order or a power grid collapse, knowing how to collect rain efficiently can be a literal lifesaver.

Harvesting rain is not just as simple as sticking a few containers out in the yard and hoping they fill up in the next down pour. That will net you a little bit of water—not enough to end you water worries. In serious situations, you want to collect as much as possible because it may need to last you awhile.

Fortunately, as long as you have a tarp (or even a plastic garbage bag) and a storage container (or several), you can gather enough rain to last you and your household quite a long time. You can find several rainwater collection set-ups when you click here.