More Evidence That the Manmade Climate Change “Crisis” is a Power Play

Another scientist has come out against the “settled” science of climate change.

You’ve probably noticed that any time the weather gets a little weird—a strong hurricane, a drought, a particularly bitter cold snap—the media trots out the tired narrative that these types of events are the result of climate change. And that unless we do something, storms are only going to get more severe, droughts more frequent, and winters more harsh and unpredictable.

Never mind that we’ve had storms, droughts, and all kinds of weird weather as far back as recorded history… and beyond.

The climate may be changing. Climates do that. But politicians don’t change. They’ve grabbed onto the notion of climate change as a way to secure power and earn money.

But the more scientists that speak up on the side of looking at data to figure out the truth of things rather than bending it to tell the story they want to, the harder it will be for politicians to keep up this ruse.

That’s why I always enjoy hearing from a scientist like Mike Wallace, a hydrologist working out of New Mexico.

Wallace has been predicting moisture patterns in his region for years, and with a high level of accuracy. Current droughts and the falling level of Lake Mead can be explained (and predicted) based on ocean temperatures and sunspot activity. Not CO2 at all.

You can read more about Wallace and his discrediting of the climate change narrative in this piece on Townhall.