A Simple Trick to Increase Your Mental Toughness

Whenever you’re doing something tough or scary and you think you’re at your limit, take a note from Navy SEALs.

You’re not at your limit. Not even close.

When you think you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done. Your body still has so much more to give. But your mind resists because of discomfort and fear. Knowing that this is happening is the first step to tapping into depths of mental toughness you didn’t know you had.

Take Jess Itzler. He’s the founder of Marquis Jet. He paid a Navy SEAL to live with him for a month so he could learn more about mental toughness.

In one exercise, the SEAL had him do as many pull ups as he could. He did eight.

The SEAL had him wait 30 seconds and try again. He did six more.

Repeat and he did three more. And he thought he was done. But he managed to do 100 more pull ups before he was really done. It took time, and a lot of breaks. But he discovered he was capable of so much more than he realized.

This kind of mental toughness can be invaluable in a disaster or survival situation. Click through to read more about Itzler’s story and to get inspired to start discovering your own potential as you tap into a mental toughness you didn’t realize you had.