The Embarrassing Truth About the White House and Cyber Security

A year ago, the Obama administration called attention to a rise in malicious cyber activity. Mostly from people living outside the country.

Six months later, he declared a national emergency and invoked powers to block the assets of any person engaging in such malicious activity.

In the course of the last six months, cyber attacks have continued to climb. Iran, North Korea, and China are a hotbed of illegal cyber activity, with much of it directed at the United States.

And yet, the Obama administration has yet to block a single asset or to apply the powers he invoked in any way.

Russian hackers have even penetrated the State Department. But still, no action from Obama.

It makes you wonder… is the Obama Administration so incompetent that it can’t figure out whose assets to freeze (even when they’ve been identified by the media)? Or is it reluctant to use the powers it invoked because it wants to downplay the seriousness of cyber attacks against the U.S?

If that’s the case, how long before one of these rogue nations does something to seriously compromise our economy or our infrastructure? Stay ready, folks.

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