Sanders Supporters Turn Violent

Remember how, just a few weeks ago, liberals everywhere were waxing on about how peaceable Bernie Sanders supporters were. And how hateful Donald Trump’s were.

There were videos circulating of people giving out free hugs being ridiculed at Trump rallies while being embraced (literally) by the Sanders crowd.

These types of reports went viral despite legitimate news stories about the violence done by people protesting against Trump.

But the tide is starting to shift. And Bernie’s peace-loving supporters are starting to crack.

The recent Democratic Convention in Nevada turned violent. Officials say Sanders supporters are too blame. They threw chairs. They shouted down Barbara Boxer. They damaged properties. They even issued death threats against party personnel.

All because Hillary won more delegates.

What’s really interesting in this is Bernie’s response when asked to condemn the violence. You can read that here.

In the meantime, expect violent protests at both party conventions this summer. And if you live in Cleveland or Philadelphia, plan to be extra careful during the conventions. Social unrest will be high.