Obama’s $108 Billion Legacy

Obama has done plenty to damage the country.

His efforts to nationalize local law enforcement… his push through of Obamacare despite zero bipartisan support… his divisive rhetoric… his fiscal irresponsibility.

One of the things few media outlet report, is the ongoing price tag of Obama’s executive-level regulations.

Obama is a big rule maker. Under his administration, the country has seen more than 20,000 new rules added to the book. They all add up to a regulatory burden on America businesses that clocks in at $108 billion annually.

And that’s just the face-value price tag. Never mind the cost in terms of freedom and innovation, slowed growth and curbed opportunity. When those costs are factored in, the burden is difficult to calculate.

One thing is for sure. The regulatory burden of government has grown to crippling proportions. Businesses spend somewhere around $2 trillion every year just to comply with government rules. Imagine the boost that sum would give our economy if it were put toward more productive means.

The Heritage Foundation does a thorough job of summarizing all this in their recently released report, Red Tape Rising. Click the link to download your copy.