Reinvent Yourself Over 50

Announcing a new way to bring in money that doesn’t involve Wall Street, your broker or even another financial newsletter subscription.

You need a fresh, new way forward, especially if you are over 50.

Milling about waiting for your investments to “pay off” just isn’t good enough anymore. Yes, there are lots of very good investment newsletters out there – some with ideas on how to go forward. And Independent Living too has a good track-record on steering you away from dangerous investment fads – and toward more reliable spots and openings in the market.

But honestly there are just too darn many investment letters. Here’s why this matters to you: If you aren’t most of the way to your financial goals by age 55, getting there with “shrewd investing” is far from a sure thing.

You need an additional strategy.

You Need Government-Independent Revenue

You need to backstop your investment strategy with outside revenue that has nothing to do with investments or Social Security. The key here is to get yourself to the retirement lifestyle you want, need and deserve.

What financial advice newsletters don’t offer are real options in real time for people over 50 to boost their personal income. Independent of a job, or starting a full-size business, or spending a ton of your precious retirement capital on something risky.

Look, investment newsletter gurus can actually be a big help. But most don’t help you to quietly create new income streams.

You may have noticed recent “cost-savings” changes to Social Security. These are just the beginning because publicly funded safety nets are strung out – funded by a bankrupt federal establishment that lives strictly off leveraged cash flow.

You can’t count on just publicly controlled programs to see you through the rest of your life.

Little-known Secrets for Living Larger Than You Are Now

Let me show you how to completely reinvent yourself and prosper going forward. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are too old for that – because that’s total bull. And you don’t want to end up as a slave to one of the many crappy low-pay jobs out there.

What you need is an entirely new way to get fat during retirement. Just learning about it will give you greater peace of mind, even if you never act on it. In the meantime, you can be a sage or hero to someone in your extended family by passing my research ideas along.

Now before you get the wrong idea, you don’t have become an Internet whiz to get new cash coming into your home. That’s a myth.

I’ve been carefully looking into “non-web” businesses that you can even start on a shoe-string and still do well for yourself. My focus is on finding what you can actually do with extremely limited resources to improve your financial options as you get older.

I’ll be talking a lot about this in coming issues, but let’s get started now.

  •      Make a list of the skills and interests you have. And think outside the box. Are you good at knowing what the best services are in town, for example? Then a concierge service catering to seniors and retirees could be a hot ticket for you.
  •      Think about the markets you know best. These are usually the markets you are part of. For example, if you love to garden, you probably have a pretty good feel for the garden market.
  •      Now look for ways the skills and interests you have can benefit the markets you know. You’ll uncover all sorts of part-time business ideas that could give your income and immediate, and ongoing, boost.

The economy is on shaky ground and you simply can’t rely on government payouts and investments to keep you living large beyond 50. Start developing your plan for a part-time income today.