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3 Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Safer from Home Invasions

It happens every 15 seconds in this country.

Every 15 seconds, some thug forces his way into someone else’s home to loot and steal. To terrorize, if the victims are at home.

Fortunately, most of these thugs focus their crimes on easy targets. So the best thing you can do to protect your family and yourself is to make your home uninviting to would-be invaders.

Use these three steps to get started …

  1. Fortify Entry Points: Replace all of your exterior doors with sturdy steel doors. Replace your door frames with steel options, too. Install extra deadbolts for even more security. Also, consider third party door stoppers such as the Door Devil. They’ll make entry points even stronger. Companies such as 3M and The Door Sentinel provide anti-shatter adhesive films you apply over windows and glass doors.

  1.     Thorn Bushes: Plant thorny plants like rose bushes underneath your first floor windows. They’ll act as a natural deterrent to anyone trying to gain access into your home.

In a widespread crisis, you can use barbed or civilian concertina wire to keep desperate intruders at bay. This works especially well if you have a wooded lot. Just string up rows of the wire from tree to tree.

Tip: Be sure to have concertina gloves, also known as staple gloves, when handling barbed wire.

  1.     Man’s Best Friend: A dog with a keen sense of hearing will provide you with a heads up in case your property has unexpected visitors. Dogs are one of the best and oldest alarm systems used by mankind. German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers are all well-known guard dogs, but many other breeds can do the job.

Breeds commonly used in hunting make excellent candidates because they are alert and territorial. This includes beagles, Labradors and elkhounds, for example. Many experienced self-reliance experts recommend allowing your dogs to spend time outside if your property is fenced in. If it is not, Invisible Fencing can be purchased and installed throughout your property’s perimeter. A dog on a chain is not advised. The animal will be unhappy and it becomes an easy target. Be sure to provide a well-constructed kennel to keep your loyal canine guardian comfortable and out of the elements.

Tip: If you have a dog (or any pets), make sure you consider their needs in your long-term food storage plans.

Fortifying your home doesn’t have to be expensive or ugly or difficult. Taking just these three simple steps can all the difference between a burglar deciding your home looks like a good target and deciding it would be better to move on to easier pickings.