Foods That Keep Forever

The top three things to consider when you select foods to include in your deep pantry are:

  •      How long the food will last.
  •      How nutritious the food is.
  •      How good the food tastes.

If you build your food storage out of long-lasting items that are rich in vitamins and minerals and that taste good, too, you’ll be golden.

When it comes to how long foods last, canned goods last between a year and four years depending on the acidity of the food (low acid foods last longer). Dried grains like flour and oats typically keep for about six months in your pantry, unless you take special steps to hermetically seal them. Then, they’ll last for five years or more.  

Dried beans and dehydrated vegetables that are vacuum sealed will last eight years or more.

And some foods will actually last forever.

Check out this video I found on 12 foods that will never expire, and make sure you start including these in your own deep pantry.