Breaking News: A Major Threat to Your Health and the Health of Your Loved Ones

“Super bugs haunt hospitals and intensive care units all around the world.”

That is a dire warning from Margaret Chan. She’s the chief of the World Health Organization (WHO). She states that the world is headed into “a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections will once again kill.”

WHO describes the situation as one that could quickly become devastating.

The Rise and Fall of Antibiotics

Antibiotics have helped people to live longer. Many of modern medicine’s miracles are only possible because of these drugs.

Without antibiotics, minor infections can turn deadly. Diseases we thought were a thing of the past are coming back. Diseases like tuberculosis.

Without antibiotics, many life-saving surgeries become much riskier.

Our world is becoming more dangerous because of antibiotic resistance. People are dying from infections that were once easily cured. Surgery success rates are falling.

In many countries, antibiotics are no longer effective against common infections. Often these drug-resistant infections are crippling. Or deadly. They are expensive to treat. They take a massive toll on the patient. Recovery times are longer. Death rates are higher. Patients have more pain and spend more time in the hospital.

Common misperceptions about antibiotics are speeding the rate at which they are becoming useless.

You can help fight antibiotic resistance by:

  • Refusing antibiotics unless you’ve been properly diagnosed with a bacterial infection.
  • Only taking antibiotics when prescribed by a licensed health care professional.
  • Taking the full course of antibiotics when prescribed.
  • Not using antimicrobial products like hand soaps and detergents.

You can protect your family and yourself by increasing your medical self reliance. Stay out of the health care system as much as possible. And take common sense steps to safeguard your health.

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