Smart Appliances: We Told You So

Adapted from an article by Roger King, Editor, GridWatch

Never listen to politicians, something you already know. Do pay attention to the capabilities they build. If they build it, they intend to use it. A new must-pass category national security bill has a
sneaky provision. If the drafters have honorable intentions, why did they sneak such a creepy citizen surveillance stink bomb hidden inside a must-pass national security law?

Actually, they slipped the full text of the Cybersecurity Information Act of 2015 into what was supposed to be a budget bill. And its provisions are about watching you. Which has nothing to do with the true issue of terrorists slipping into our midst with ease.

No, it’s not about watching border crashers, it’s about making sure you do right. This law directly relates to the research we’ve been doing into the Smart Grid and the Smart Appliances starting to populate our Smart Homes.

Now companies like Nest (part of Google), whose Smart Thermostat with optional camera is a window into your private life, may be required to share everything it knows about you with federal agencies. And that’s just one example.

Your internet service provider, phone company, or literally any other company that has your data may be required to feed it to an alphabet soup of 3-letter agencies, without a warrant.

It’s all rather Orwellian. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.