PowerWhisperer Owners News Alert

I have several updates to share with PowerWhisperer M-Model Owners.

FIRST, if you want a free replacement for your PowerWhisperer M-Model’s inflatable tires, I have brand new ones that are “flat-proof.” Let me know and we will ship them to you free. They are VERY EASY to swap out (four bolts for each tire). Call during business hours and ask for Mike. 1-877-371-1807.

SECOND, whenever you are ready to replace your special absorbent glass-mat batteries that power the M-Model PowerWhisperer, you can get even more capable versions at my cost. They come directly from my supplier – no middleman. And it will be far less expensive than what you can get locally. Call during business hours and ask for Mike. 1-877-371-1807.

Remember, we selected the absorbent glass-mat battery design because these batteries do not vent hydrogen gasses or leak acid under any conditions. Do NOT replace your PowerWhisperer batteries with anything but absorbent glass-mat (AGM) batteries. Never use car batteries.

THIRD, if you have been on the fence about investing in a PowerWhisperer Home Power Backup System, we can offer a limited number of buyers an installment option! Call 1-877-371-1807 and ask for Mike. It is best to make an appointment or ask for a call time. Someone from Independent Living will call you and walk you through your best option.

Lee Bellinger