NEW! PowerWhisperer Easy Installment Buy Plan for Next 30 Days Only

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a PowerWhisperer Home Power Reserve System, your time is here. I know the value of my PowerWhisperer and that it is worth every penny. But I also know that so many in my wonderful subscriber/family have told me that the price is out of reach – which really bugs me since you all NEED it. This is not just a “nice-to-have” item.

So against the advice of my financial advisors, Independent Living can send you a brand new, fully loaded PowerWhisperer with a modest down payment and affordable installments.

We’ve secured a limited private source of credit on your behalf. While I’d love to make this available to the public at large, I’m forced to limit the availability of this installment pay option while we’re still in the earliest stages. For this reason, the installment pay option can be offered for no more than 30 days, and to a limited number of customers who contact us first. I consider the PowerWhisperer to be a critical self-reliance and personal power readiness tool.

If financing has been the only thing standing in your way, I encourage you to call us during business hours to discuss your options, and secure one of our easy pay purchase plans.

Just Say NO to Chinese Warlords

Now the PowerWhisperer can be on its way to your home in short order. Imagine your friends and neighbors reaction – an advanced home power backup device in your garage. Bristling with 14 major upgrades and fully OPTIONS-LOADED — all because I have stubbornly said NO to the “smart” corporate thing, having PowerWhisperer thrown together on a Chinese cookie-cutter assembly line. Renegade me – guilty as charged.

We can only do this for Independent Living subscribers like you. Protecting your way of life against power grid instability is a big deal. You need backup power now.

PowerWhisperer’s payment installment plan is strictly limited. Call us during business hours at my toll-free number, 1-877-371-1807. We are going to run this offer for no more than 30 days. Since there are a limited number of installment plans we can accept, it has to be first-come, first served only.