Walking Tall

By Lee Bellinger
  • You can’t just rely on your investments to carry you through retirement.

There are quiet new ways to make money from home they don’t want you to know about.

  • The inspirational lady farmer entrepreneur who prevailed over green zealots, corrupt zoning thugs and Obama’s IRS.

Did you see the most recent changes to the Social Security system? Yes, your benefits are still in place for now. But you just can’t count on Social Security if a debt crisis materializes.

So let me hook you into the single most neglected self-reliance skill of them all – quietly expanding your revenue from home even if you are over 50. Or should I say, especially if you are over 50?

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Establish New Cash-Flow from Home Without Attracting Attention or Fuss

But what about quietly securing new, independent streams of revenue going forward? Nothing that depends on investment firms or dividend payments, but actual new revenue you generate. That is thenew key skill-set and way forward for accomplished self-reliance practitioners.

Upcoming editions of Independent Living will shed light on new and unique home-based cash-generating options. Bringing new money into your home is a MAJOR self-reliance skill. My researchers are hard at work investigating some of the best opportunities out there. Please watch for them as I expand Independent Living’s mission to serve you and everyone you care

We can all use this key aspect of personal self-reliance to become more financially secure and resilient. I am sure someone you care about needs a new source of income. Your family, friends and associates are going to respect your attention to new options for money making at home – because having enough to live the way you want is the definition of financial success.

Washington’s Making War on You – See How Right Here

Which brings me to the point. The government sees this coming. Federal, state and local bureaucrats are gearing up for a new war against home-based entrepreneurs. This assault goes far beyond stopping private citizen “Uber” drivers who free us from America’s crappy cab service providers.

Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development and other agencies are pushing new regulations that are tantamount to federal zoning vetoes on private land use. In future editions I can spell out the details. For now, though, know that federal regulators are scoping for home-based enterprises Americans are starting to turn to in larger numbers.

For example, SWAT teams all over the country are hitting small farmers. Why? Because these mini-businesses offer fresh, unprocessed foods to the general public. Selling raw milk across state borders – practiced for nearly two centuries – now justifies raids against the gentle agrarian Amish. State and local regulators and zoning officials operate in cahoots with green activists, corporate cronies and the IRS to stop home-based business in its tracks.

Liberal Nightmares Unleashed – You Must Take Control on This One Now

My take is that it’s all about a perceived loss of control. Private individuals trading services, food, information, guns and skills makes the political class nervous. Voters might become more independent thinkers. Especially if they have a little more pocket money. It’s harder to monitor these people for tax compliance.

And worst of all – independent-minded people have higher expectations about the future. None of that is to the liking of the political class, no matter which party they are in.

Conspiratorial thinking by me? Check out what’s happening to farmers’ roadside stands, bed and breakfasts, and all-natural farming – all (not just enterprises run by the Amish) are under assault. As are hair dressers, Uber drivers, personal delivery services and even children’s lemonade stands.

Right now, though, federal and state officials are focused on crushing independent family run farms. Their weapons of choice include zoning laws, ordinances, fines, IRS audits and endless bureaucratic process issues. They especially want to stop produce stands, or citizens banding together to buy fresh foods from local growers.

Meet the Powers Who Thrive on Making Your Family Sick

So again, why? All the big political players want you in that supermarket, buying sugar-packed, sodium-rich, processed foods. These low-quality calories cost you much more and have severe health consequences.

They know more and more Americans want to buy unprocessed foods – especially eggs, milk and vegetables – from all natural local sources. That’s not good for corporate farming operations and food processing giants. And they have many friends in Washington.

Regulators and their cronies in corporate food production conglomerates want you to have little choice but to buy processed supermarket foods packed with their carcinogens, diabetes-inducing ingredients and other health-crushing chemicals.

Americans’ unhealthy eating habits means Christmas year round for politically slick pharmaceutical giants. They sell drugs to “treat” food-driven illnesses such as diabetes – a mostly optional disease brought to you courtesy of the sugar cartel. All these bad actors enjoy the protection of federal regulators, local zoning boards and, yes, green activists.

My point is these are pretty big powers gunning for small farmers. So those are the real stakes of “independent farming.” Now the story I am about to tell you will make much more sense.

Enter the Brave Hero Who Backed Down the Illness Lobby in Washington

Enter the brave struggle of Virginia lady farmer, Martha Boneta. Her “Liberty Farm” not only shelters hurt animals but also produces fresh food for local residents eager to have it. Martha is the subject of an inspirational documentary,

“Farming in Fear.” I saw it screened at an elite political gathering in Virginia last month. The Washington-based Heritage Foundation also hosted a public screening of “Farming in Fear.” This short documentary detailing the bureaucratic abuse Martha suffered and prevailed over has caused a sensation and changed Virginia law.

The Boneta law empowers local Virginia farmers to offer food to anyone who wants to buy it. These farmers no longer need “event permits” for people to visit their produce stands or properties. It is a model for the rest of the country. But what happened to Martha Boneta is still happening all over America.

This Can Happen to Any One of Us at Any Time – Martha’s Story is Our Story

It began in 2006 when Martha Boneta bought a 64-acre farm in Paris, Virginia. She spent several years restoring the neglected barn, farmhouse and property. It was her life’s dream and she and her family put every penny they could spare into her “Liberty Farm.”

The trouble came in 2010 when she began to put up homemade signs inviting local drivers to come over and buy produce.

State regulators first forced Martha to pay for expensive new signs. They claimed she needed a permit for hosting a birthday party for a 10 year old girl. The county colluded with an elite land trust, the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) in relentlessly harassing Martha. The PEC, which co-held a conservation easement on her land, carried out intrusive inspections.

They probed her house, offering many weird explanations for their actions. They demanded to look into her closets and at her laundry. They inspected livestock stalls in search of “residential development” changes. It’s all documented by her video story, “Farming in Fear.”

Other agencies buzzed about her farm for other reasons. One involved Animal Control who came to “investigate” why she was abusing animals. Of course, Martha quickly proved that she was actually running a refuge for abused local animals.

The authorities began demanding that Martha get permits to receive visitors on her own farm. (Each person who came to buy produce, for example, got classified as an “event” for which a permit was needed.)

When Defiance of the Powers That Be Calls for Extraordinary Courage

Soon after, powerful local interests pressured the bank to call in Martha’s mortgage. Then came the threat of fines of up to $15,000 a day.

At the height of the growing season in 2012, Martha had to shut down. Her farming dream was now seemingly over. But Martha’s mom told her she could not quit.

Soon Martha’s plight started attracting local attention. Locals had organized “pitchfork” brigades to stand up for Martha at public forums. As public support grew, some national groups began to pay attention. Freedom of Information Act requests put even more pressure on the political class to cease trying to force Martha off her property.

Martha’s supporters went to the Virginia General Assembly for relief. And the result was HB 1430, the Right to Farm bill, also known as the Boneta Bill.

Martha’s fight stirred up powerful enemies, including Peter Schwartz, a Fauquier County supervisor, who just happens to be on the board of the PEC. In 2013, after a series of dirty legislative shenanigans, the Boneta bill died. At the height of this legislative battle, Schwartz announced that Martha Boneta was being audited by the IRS.

Local Regulators Can Now Call for IRS Audits Against Their Critics

Problem was, Schwartz slipped up on his timing. Martha had not been contacted by the IRS at the time Schwartz revealed he had advance knowledge of her audit. And when the IRS did show up at Martha’s home, their “investigation” focused on the regulatory “infractions” she had been saddled with.

Put another way, local big government bullies can now call in IRS audit “air-strikes” against private citizens who dare to stand up to them. Where, oh where, is the GOP Congress on holding IRS officials accountable?

As news of the escalating assaults against Martha Boneta mounted, so did her public support. It made her more than a local celebrity, as more and more people began to compare notes.

Martha got placed on an important agricultural steering committee by one of her legislative supporters. And from there another Boneta bill got introduced and finally passed by the Virginia state legislature.

My point here is, Uncle Sam and its local government and green allies are out to destroy independent, momand- pop businesses. And Martha Boneta proves that these people can be stood up to. It isn’t easy, but it can be done.

Please Help Me Spread Word of This Video, “Farming in Fear”

Political relief from abusive government, if it comes at all, is still at least 15 months away. That is my main message here. Please do make sure to see “Farming in Fear.” Martha’s struggle for the freedom to work from home is our struggle too. Spread the word on this one.

FIRST ACTION-TO-TAKE: Watch “Farming in Fear.” Go to this VIDEO LINK: www.IndependentLivingNews.com/WarAgainstUs

SECOND ACTION-TO-TAKE: Send a copy of this lead story and a letter to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Kevin Brady, 1102 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515. Demand that they investigate how the IRS audit against Martha Boneta came about.

Lee Bellinger, Independent Living

P.S. There’s some important news for you on page 5 of this issue.