The Federal Government Goes After Free Speech

The assault has begun, and all of us are the target.

What you are about to read is why federal bureaucrats are gunning for independent media voices. Internet censorship is surprisingly far along, being enforced by “service providers” beholden to regulators.

You should read a recent interview by web superstar Matt Drudge. His famous Drudge Report may be coming to an end due to a huge regulatory conspiracy.

Big business, big government and left-wing activists are set to shut down the high-profile Drudge Report. Drudge is bravely reporting on his site’s coming demise as though it is just another regular news story.

If the high-profile Drudge Report is being brought down, it won’t be long before they go after Independent Living News and other “renegade” publishers like us.

Ominous Federal Attacks on the Amish Foreshadow Danger

It isn’t just the Drudge Report that’s in danger.

The Amish are also a target. For 150+ years the federal government left these gentle anti-technology agrarians alone. But now, federal bureaucrats are raiding Amish villages over their long-standing private milk selling practices.

You have to ask yourself, who have the Amish harmed? What is the benefit to society of raiding their farming communities?

They haven’t harmed anyone. But being peaceful, law-abiding citizen isn’t enough to keep you safe from these power-hungry bureaucrats. True independence is their enemy. Even quiet dissent makes leftists nervous. Going about your life in a way different from what they would choose is seen as threatening behavior.

Free Speech Rights Under Attack: How to Fight Back

Attacks like these—assaults against the basic rights of lawful citizens—are on the rise. The push against independent media is a warning of oppression to come.

Publications like Independent Living are the early warning system you and your family depend on. And when we are gone, all free speech and outside-the-box thinking in America will soon follow. It will not be tolerated by the left.

But the left isn’t what worries me. I worry about my readers. A dangerous fatalism has settled in with far too many of us. But there’s still time to put America back on course. You can take real steps to not be part of the coming mayhem.


Build a tribe of your own: Think through all the people you know. Contact them about basic emergency planning. Pool your resources and buy foods from farm co-ops. Meet to discuss how best to protect your neighborhoods, share food resources, and plan for emergencies. In short, make your community strong. A strong community can act as a bulwark against growing social unrest.

Tap into the great resources available: Remember, Independent Living offers lots of do-it-yourself guidance on our website (www. Use that knowledge to work together with likeminded people.

Make your home safer: There are hundreds of things you can do to turn any home into a fortress, a haven, a base of stability. Send me an email ([email protected]) and I will send you some great suggestions on what you can do in this regard. You can call our office during business hours and we can mail you some of that same information.

The self-reliance movement has the potential to spread. It’s why the left can’t stand the harmless Amish. It’s why they are so darn motivated to silence Matt Drudge. It’s why the feds are keeping an eye on peaceful non-conformists.

And it’s why we can still set things straight in this country.