Self-Reliant Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to do some last minute Christmas shopping, why not give the gift of self-reliance?

There a ton gifts out there that can help your friends and family members be a lot less dependent on others and a lot more reliant on themselves … especially during an emergency. In the spirit of self-reliance, I’ve picked some of my favorites to help you get inspired. Any one of these gifts would make an awesome present for … well, for just about anyone!

Any one of these gifts would make an awesome present for … well, for just about anyone! So take your pick and make this Christmas’ gift exchanges especially memorable.

Ez Armor Reinforcer Combo Set

When it comes to hardening the entryways of your home against unwanted intruders, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more inexpensive way to add strength and security your home’s doors. Also use it on an internal door to turn an average room into a secure safe room. More product details here.

Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

A security system that you own … not lease. This system is easy to install and includes sensors to place at your doors and windows, motion detectors, a panic button, carbon monoxide sensors, and the option for remote monitoring.

Funlux 8CH Surveillance Security Camera System

Keep an eye on your home and surroundings from anywhere. This surveillance camera system is a basic, affordable model that allows you to monitor and record activity around your home. Find the full details here.

Hidden Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf

These attractive furnishings are more than they appear. These cabinets contain secret compartments where you can lock away and store valuables or firearms. The gun owner on your list will be thrilled to have a secure way to keep firearms close at hand. Order this gift here.

Ivation Water-Resistant Solar- & Dynamo-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Radio

A self-reliance necessity. This radio and flashlight can be kinetically charged with a hand-crank. Never be without light or information. No batteries … no power required! See for yourself.

SolarBag Water Purifier Personal Water Filter System

This water purifier removes almost any toxin you can imagine from your drinking water—even gasoline, herbicides, and heavy metals. This bag does not require power or chemicals. Purify 3.5 liters of water using the power of sunlight and nanotechnology. Order this fascinating and valuable self-reliance gift here.

Faraday Cage Electronic Device Protection EMP/ESD Bags

Give your loved ones high-quality, portable protection for their most precious electronic devices. These faraday bags provide easy EMP protection for phones, tablets and laptops between uses. Forty bags of various sizes.

Gerber 31-000914 Camp Axe II High Performance Axe

Few tools have more utility than an axe. Whether you need to chop wood, remove a falling-down structure, or even defend yourself, this high performance axe is up to the job.

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven

This gift promotes self-reliance … but it’s also just good, old-fashioned fun. Cook using the power of the sun. Bake cookies. Dry herbs. Make beef jerky. And never light a fire or plug in a cord. Your friends will be amazed! Order yours here.

Danby DCF038A1WDB1 Chest Freezer

A standalone freezer gives your loved ones away to save big money on their grocery budget. They can buy foods in bulk or directly to the source and preserve them for a year or more. An excellent, cost-effective gift.

Make this Christmas one to remember. Any of these 10 gifts are sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. And you’ll have the added peace of mind knowing you’ve improved the self-reliance of those most important to you.