Uncle Sam is suddenly taking the EMP threat very seriously.

Government “Researches” EMP Threat:

Just last week, the House of Representatives quietly voted to pass a bill that you need to know about. If made a law, this bill will require the Department of Homeland Security to prepare against the threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

House Bill 1073 gives the DHS the budget and the imperative to research the possible damage an EMP could cause. And to begin developing strategies to respond to such an event.

This is just one more bit of information that highlights how fragile our grid is … and that the government knows it.

Even as Congress passes laws to start researching the problem, government bureaucrats are taking concrete action to protect their own interests. Not yours.

Prepping for a “Catastrophic” Outage

Fort Carson, Colorado. The military’s homeland defense arm, U.S. Northern Command, is prepping for what their energy security top dog, Bill Waugaman, calls “a catastrophic outage.”

They’ve built what’s called a microgrid.

This is like a PowerWhisperer, for an entire military base. They have a backup solar array. Plus, a bunch of diesel generators. All are meant to provide ongoing power to the military base. Even if there’s a total grid failure, the lights and computers will stay on. They have a fleet of electric vehicles. This guarantees them transportation even if gasoline distribution shuts down.

The message is clear.

When the excrement hits the fan, everybody will be left without power. Except the DHS. They’ll have all the electricity they need to rein in the population.

Citing the risk of severe weather events, EMPs, and cyber terrorism, Waugaman has said…

“We play war.”

The scenarios they’re prepping for are straight out of post-apocalyptic thrillers. Scary stuff. But in the event of an EMP attack, these war games could become reality.

The Pentagon Readies Itself for a Grid-Wrecking Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

It’s worth noting, this Fort Carson microgrid is right next door to NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Cheyenne Mountain’s bunker had become a quaint Cold War relic. But that changed earlier this year. The Pentagon opted to move mission-critical operations back into the mountain, citing the risk of an EMP.

Uncle Sam isn’t fooling around. Is there something the military knows that’s not being covered in the mainstream media? Is there something you should know about prepping for a major power outage?

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We were among the first to break the news of the risk of cyber-terrorism against the power grid. And more than any other outlet, we’ve hammered home the risk of a physical attack against the grid.

We’ve also been beating the drums on the risk of an EMP attack, and providing actionable solutions.

We hope the grid never collapses. But if it does, we want our readers to be prepared.

When the U.S. military is taking the precautions we’ve been recommending, it’s clear this is something worth paying attention to.

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