Nanny State Tactics: First “Smart Meters,” Now This?!

By Roger King, Independent Living News

We’ve been neck deep in new research here at Independent Living, and I wanted to share just a glimpse of it with you…

As you probably know, we’ve been warning of “Smart Meters” for years now.

In fact, long before the mainstream media picked up on the Smart Meters story, we were warning that they were the perfect nanny state tool to monitor and control your power usage. Often sold on the promise of “energy efficiency,” and better power usage, they are an unequivocal tool for control.

With a so-called Smart Meter, bureaucrats in Washington and their cohorts and cronies in your local utility company can keep watch over your power usage.

The moment your power usage goes outside of “acceptable use ranges” they can just tell your meter to stop giving you so much electricity.

Blackouts Can Now Be Aimed At You

House by house, the nanny state can force compliance on you through brown-outs and blackouts, no matter if your bill is kept current or not.That’s the power they have over our power.

We’ve been warning of this for YEARS – Lee was among the first to really beat this drum for all independent-minded and freedom-loving Americans to hear.

But now the next phase is coming…

And I warn you…

It gets worse!

Maybe they haven’t gotten the picture. This isn’t power that we want to hand over to the state, or the monopoly utility companies that they’re working with, hand-in-hand. After all, check out these recent headlines…

“More than anticipated opt out of BGE smart meters…”The Baltimore Sun

“Opponents of PSO smart meters want program halted” and “Smart meters also contentious in other states.” Tulsa World News

“Smart meter debate goes back to Maine supreme court” The Associated Press

There are a whole lot of objections out there to Smart Meter technology. The least of which is the amount of control they hand over to central planners hell-bent on forcing compliance. They want to stifle our access to cheap, reliable, sustainable power sources.

Smart Meters were just Phase 1. Now all the talk is about “Smart Appliances.” The PR campaign started with the Nest Thermostat. This Silicon Valley darling keeps tabs on you. It watches your comings and goings. And it adjusts your house temperature to what it thinks you’ll like best.

To do this, it’s running sophisticated software, and connected to the internet.

It – in conjunction with your Smart Meter – provides a perfect toolset to force reduction of your energy usage.

See This Sneaky Tactic

And yet, it’s just the beginning. It may be optional (like Smart Meters were at first) but it paves the way for all sorts of so-called “Smart” appliances and other technology in the home. Smart Lighting. Smart Kitchens. Smart this and smart that.

They must think we’re dumb.

Every single smart appliance we install in our homes – by choice or by coercion – gives them one more access point into our homes. Into our private lives. And what we’re going to see going forward is that they’re sneaking these in without us knowing it.

We recently got some feedback from a reader about his “Smart” wood pellet stove…

A pellet stove is a simple device. Simple fans to move air. A simple motor to feed the pellets into the firebox. A heating coil to ignite the pellets.

But when this customer tried to plug in this pellet stove to anything other than a “Smart” power source, it didn’t work. It took some sleuthing, but he discovered it was because of the computer chip snuck inside.

Presumably, there’s nothing in a pellet stove that needs a computer chip, or to connect to the internet to operate.

And yet, there it was. Our reader had no clue prior to this that his pellet stove was a Smart Appliance. But it turns out it’d been snuck in right under his nose.

This will become a more and more common occurrence.

You won’t even realize until it’s too late the amount of “Smart” technology – appliances and otherwise – that you’ve brought into your home.

It’ll be like cars. You can’t work on a new car these days without a computer. If they wanted to shut down your engine while you are driving down the highway, the tech is there. We’re growing all the more dependent on all this tech and the nanny state that controls and regulates it. They’re making it harder and harder to be independent. To live free of state coercion and control.

You don’t have to stand for it, though.

Not only has our research led to us an understanding of how big this problem is becoming… It’s also leading us to solutions. To ways that we can take back power from the ever-growing nanny state.

More to come on that front soon.