Buy a Gun While Staying Under the Bureaucratic Radar

During the first Democratic presidential debates, Hillary Clinton made a big show out of calling for more restrictions on gun owners. She scolded her main rival Bernie Sanders for being too gun friendly. That’s right, Hillary is openly positioning herself to the left of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders! The left apparently feel ready to attack the NRA directly.

Hillary Clinton wants more types of guns to be banned, more mandatory federal background checks, and a crackdown on firearms sales at gun shows. For now, you can still take advantage of the socalled gun show “loophole”…

To buy a gun while staying under the bureaucratic radar, purchase through your local gun show. You can find a gun show in every state at least once every other month. They’re a great place to gather information, comparison shop, and find the firearm that best meets your needs.

When you buy from a private individual who is NOT in the business of buying and selling guns at a gun show, you aren’t subject to a background check in most states. Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers are still required to do background checks on all purchases, regardless of the location.

More Options for Private Gun Buying While You Still Can

Six states do require background checks for all gun show purchases: California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island. In addition, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania require background checks for all handgun purchases at gun shows.

Seven other states require a purchaser to buy a permit and go through a background check before buying a handgun. Florida requires a background check for private sales in certain jurisdictions but not statewide. The remaining 33 states don’t require background checks for private sales at gun shows.

If you want to purchase a firearm out-of-state, you may still be subject to your home state’s gun laws. Most of the time, you can easily purchase a rifle or shotgun in a neighboring state. You’ll probably have to go through a background check and transfer to a nearby FFL dealer if you purchase a handgun. Always know the gun laws in any state where you consider making a firearms purchase.

The third option is to purchase through a private sale. This is the best option to stay under the radar, but you should do your due diligence on the seller and the gun itself. You can go to the HotGunz Stolen Firearms Database ( and enter the serial number of the gun to see if it’s been reported stolen. Ask the seller if he has references from other satisfied buyers.

Regardless of how you buy your gun, it’s a good idea to take a safety course (if you are a novice) and get plenty of regular practice at a gun range. Demand for guns and ammunition has been going up in recent years, and politicians who think like Hillary Clinton are scrambling to find ways to restrict your ability to purchase a firearm. If you’re going to make a purchase, do it sooner instead of later to make sure you’re ready for anything in the future.