Obama’s November Surprise

By Lee Bellinger
  • Warning signs are mounting fast –some choice to-do items below can save your life.
  • Non-threatening but independent folks now under federal attack – take careful note!

The assault has begun, and all of us are the target. Enclosed in this month’s issue is the most valuable idea I’ll ever send you. The transformative power of tribalism, the moral high ground, and passive resistance.

What you are about to read is why federal bureaucrats are gunning for independent media voices. Internet censorship is surprisingly far along, being enforced by “service providers” beholden to regulators. You should read a recent interview by web superstar Matt Drudge. His famous Drudge Report may be coming to an end due to a huge regulatory conspiracy.

Matt Drudge’s work is universally hated by the left. Recently, for example, he revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is “Rambo-ing up” with combat weapons.

Big business, big government and left-wing activists are set to shut down the high-profile Drudge Report. Are we all just going to sit by and let this happen? Drudge is bravely reporting on his site’s coming demise as though it is just another regular news story.

If the high-profile, proven effective Drudge Report is being brought down, it won’t be long before they go after Independent Living News and the remaining species of all other “renegade” publishers. But I vow that we will defend ourselves and persevere…

Ominous Federal Attacks on the Amish Foreshadow Danger

Remember what I told you about the Amish a few issues back? For 100+ years the federal government has left these gentle anti-technology agrarians alone. Yet now, federal bureaucrats are raiding Amish villages over their long-standing private milk selling practices.

As a Hillsdale College graduate, I know the Amish – Hillsdale is in South Central Michigan, the middle of Amish country. They are non-offensive souls who live a simple rural life. The Amish do barn raisings for neighbors the same way today as over 100 years ago. So why do the federal authorities feel the sudden need to take the Amish down?

Who have the Amish harmed? What is the benefit to society of raiding their farming communities? My point is, being peaceful, lawful and orderly does not make you safe from Washington’s power grabbers. True independence is their enemy.

The left are driven by paranoia of their perceived enemies. This is why Joe Stalin killed so many rural residents in the 1930s, because they were not under his control. The mental profile between hard line leftists in this country is similar to Uncle Joe’s – not homicidal yet, but determined to crush future dissent. How to explain? Even quiet dissent makes leftists nervous.

Lessons from the Mounting Federal Attack Against Hillsdale College

Then there’s my college Hillsdale. In 1966, the College Board decided they could not accept money from the federal government. Hillsdale President Larry Arnn explains “We’re the trainers of citizens and statesmen. If the government funds us, it’s controlling the process.”

Even so, federal bureaucrats in Washington looked for another way to control Hillsdale. They asserted that because some students accept federal aid, that Hillsdale was subject to their authority. So in 1984, the Hillsdale College Board banned that, too. They went totally on donations and private scholarships.

Under George W. Bush, federal bureaucrats concocted yet another menace to Hillsdale. Federal control freaks are livid that Hillsdale won’t count who is white and who is not; and those left wing nuts are even more infuriated that the College doesn’t even act interested.

They hate the college’s history even more. When founded in 1844, black kids graduated from Hillsdale. That’s right, Hillsdale awarded degrees to black kids 16 years before the
civil war even began — 135 years before Jimmy Carter spawned the Department of Education.

The new danger is that college independent accrediting agencies have been essentially nationalized by the Department of Education.

Dr. Larry Arnn warns that the balance of power has shifted against Hillsdale. In a June 15 Wall Street Journal editorial, Dr. Arnn revealed that what was a discreet review practice every decade or so has changed into a more confrontational process.

Watch this assault on Hillsdale through their widely read Imprimus publication. If you don’t take Imprimus, please order it today by filling out the form here: http://lp.hillsdale.edu/imprimis-print/.
It’s free. You can write them and request Imprimus, c/o Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI 49242.

Free Speech Rights Under Attack: How to Fight Back

OK, back on subject. The assault on independent media is a warning of oppression to come. We are the early warning system you and your family depend on. And when we are gone, so too will be all free speech and outside-the-box thinking in America. Justice Department zealots came and got conservative movie maker Dinesh D’Souza, too, just for making a movie critical of Barack Obama.

So here goes my free speech heresy, before that knock comes to my door. Barack Obama’s true legacy is going to grow far beyond his presidency. And it’s not a law, regulation or even an unlawful decree. It’s much worse than even those.

Even worse than making the IRS an enforcement arm of vengeful leftists. Targeting conservatives has been validated by Congress because no one at the IRS has been punished for doing so. A terrible precedent.

A Radical War is Being Waged Against Us – Watch Out for This Mistake

But that’s not what worries me the most right now. The radical left is at war with free-thinking individualists. Here’s what needs to change: A dangerous fatalism has settled in with
far too many of us – but you can take real steps to not be part of the coming mayhem.

People who want America as a free, stable, open society and a colorblind government need to be aware of it. Don’t listen to angry nuts who want to respond in kind to the blatant white bashing. Not that all the unchallenged racism isn’t infuriating, but I say don’t take the bait.

Paranoid Nation of Islam mouthpiece Louis Farrakhan says the white power structure caused Obama to fail. Even though all the nasty stuff going on inside Chicago, Detroit and Washington DC are all under the control of liberals. Not a Republican among them to influence policy.

This daffy racist clap-trap goes unchallenged, and until it is, the trend will intensify. Happily, there are peaceful, lawful ways to passively resist the white-bashing trend, and they have the potential to catch on.

(Don’t get me wrong here. To me pacifism in the face of evil is an evil in and of itself. Passive resistance is quite another thing; an historically proven tactic. Plus – I do recommend a firearm as a last line of personal home defense. The Second Amendment exists for a reason.)

What should scare all of us who want a civil society is Mr. Obama’s most enduring legacy: a generation of angry new citizens. People who feel entitled and wronged are blaming what’s left of the white middle class. Put another way, Mr. Obama has blown up a nasty strain of rancid tribalism.

Al Sharpton vs. America – It’s Time to Quietly Pick a Side

Why do I reach this conclusion? No, it’s not just that Al Sharpton is tight with the White House. Or the slanderous, dishonest things said about white people at the recent Million Man March in Washington. What a nut-fest of self-serving paranoia! Or even one of Hillary’s supporters and advisors calling for a white privilege tax. How crazy is that?

This last weekend I saw a very angry TV ad urging new citizens to get out and vote. In this TV spot aimed at illegals, it declares that we got our rights by taking them, and it very pointedly fingers white racists as the cause and the biggest danger.

This propaganda tactic certainly works with turning Palestinian children into killers, but do we really want us-against-them racism operating so freely here in America? Especially without responsible criticism or challenge?

No wonder Donald Trump’s defiance of “political correctness” hit such a chord in the GOP electorate. The entire Republican establishment has a mouse in its mouth when it comes to left-wing racism. A whole lot of right-thinking voters have given up on the system because of this dynamic.

The First Thought Forbidden, the First Truth Denied – That’s Where We Are Now

Back to the Million Man March for a moment. When the group first marched in 1995, the U.S. Park Service estimated the crowd to be about 400,000, which many observers at the time thought was an inflated number. The organizers of the Million Man March threatened a lawsuit over the estimate.

Congress appeased by forbidding the U.S. Park Service from reporting crowd numbers. All because the Million Man March is nothing of the sort. Remember, the first thought forbidden, the first truth denied, is another link in the chains that bind us all.

Last year, over 40 Senators got behind a Constitutional amendment to literally undo the First Amendment. Senate Joint Resolution 19 lets Congress directly regulate political speech that involves anything more than shouting from a stump in the woods. And if you did not catch the first Democratic debate, note that Hillary Clinton, if elected, plans to go after gun owners’ Second Amendment rights.

If she wins, the left’s new targets include the NRA and the takeover of private energy giants such as Exxon-Mobil. The coming credit bubble popping in the energy sector is going to be a mess. And you know who benefits from that, the all-too-happy-to-nationalize energy crowd.

A survey by the Pew Research Center shows that since Bill Clinton left the presidency, 41% of Democrats consider themselves to be hardcore liberals. That’s a huge 14% rise in extremism inside that party.

OKAY, enough about the problems. What can you do in the here and now to ready yourself for rising political extremism?


Build a Tribe of Your Own: Think through all the people you know. Contact them about basic emergency planning. Pool your resources and buy foods from farm co-ops. Meet to discuss how best to protect your neighborhoods, share food resources, and plan for emergencies.

Remember, Independent Living offers lots of do-it-yourself guidance on our website (www.IndependentLivingNews.com). Use that knowledge to work together with likeminded people.

Passive Resistance – Strengthen Your Home’s Resiliency: There are hundreds of things you can do to turn any home into a fortress, a haven, a base of stability. Send me an email ([email protected]) and I will send you some great suggestions on what you can do in this regard. You can call our office during business hours and we can mail you some of that same information. Mention “Stronger Home.”

I want to focus your attention. My November Surprise is going to happen before the next election in November 2016. The Obama Administration has no plans to go gently into the political night.

So please do pay close attention to events. Lots of potential crises are coming at us fast. In the attached letter enclosed with this issue, I spell out the coming crises I see in far greater detail.

Last, a hopeful note. Self-reliance as a movement has the potential to spread. It’s why the left can’t stand the harmless Amish. It’s why they attack inoffensive and independent Hillsdale College. It’s why they are so darn motivated to silence Matt Drudge, conservative moviemakers and independent publishers.

Everything You Need is Right Here – It’s Time to Get Started

You have all the tools you need as a subscriber of Independent Living. Share the free how-to stuff on our website. We have many videos on how to make your life safer.

This self-reliance movement scares federal officials, because they know it could catch on. The tighter their grip, the more people listen to us.

Hope. We are not the first generation to live in dangerous times, nor the last. For every person who makes the decision to resist the system by being less dependent on political elites, America becomes a better place. Think of it as your badge of honor. Thanks for supporting Independent Living, your independent media voice.

Lee Bellinger
P.S. Please pay close attention to the insertions riding along with your issue. They are very informative this month.