Trumping GOP Politics

By Lee Bellinger
  • Biggest lie in America exposed by Donald Trump’s summer romp in GOP politics.
  • Trump has ripped a GOP conspiracy of silence wide open.

Lots of subscribers are asking me what I make of Donald Trump. What did his summer surge represent? After two decades of doing political analysis, I generally don’t pay too much heed to personalities. Still, the “elephant-in-the-room” issues this man has churned up is nothing short of “wow” territory.

Some years back I attended an exclusive West Palm Beach gala at one of Mr. Trump’s homes. I could not help but notice his portraits in the mansion. Putting up a portrait of yourself, before you are dead, is to me way over the top. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Enter the law of unintended consequences. Such as the normally astute manipulators in Washington being caught off guard. They didn’t see Mr. Trump coming, much less tapping into a major rift between GOP elites in Washington and their base supporters.

Had Mr. Trump not jumped in, none of the prospective nominees would have even mentioned sanctuary cities, or the rise of a Mexican Mafia, or the twisting of the 14th Amendment to make taxpayers responsible for “anchor babies” for life.

Without Borders, Are We Even a Country?

A fundamental question is getting some much needed light: Without borders, is America even a country?

I recently attended a very high level meeting of business leaders in the Northeast and one of them was a top inside Republican pollster. He’s a very smart numbers guy. He says that the GOP no longer has the math to win the presidential election in 2016.

His basic belief is that the white vote alone can no longer sustain wins in national elections. His prescription? Win crossover votes by going left on issues of interest to minority voters.

This is the crux of the secret GOP war that Donald Trump dropped a grenade into.

Problem is, statistics don’t predict a darn thing in politics because there are always unforeseen twists and extremely complicated dynamics. Plus, political events are driven by the law of unintended consequences. Which means that you can do the wrong thing for the wrong reason and get a positive outcome. And the reverse.

Free Cellphones Helped Hand Obama the 2012 Election

For example, my numbers crunching friend did not realize that the Obama Administration won the key state of Ohio in 2012 by simply giving millions of cell phones out to the poor. These free cell phones were in turn used by the Obama reelection campaign to create unprecedented turnout with text messages to these voters.

Remember Carl Rove on Fox News the night of Obama’s reelection in 2012? He simply could not believe or accept the numbers coming in from Ohio, until it became official.

Intended or not, Mr. Trump has put a bulls-eye on the butts of GOP operatives, leaders and candidates. He has helped ignite a grassroots revolt against those who press for ideological surrender on freedom issues – all to appease Third World immigrant populations and the leftist media.

Look, the rise of a left-wing minority voting bloc is a fact. But that is over-used by pandering sell-outs in the Republican Party to advance their bigger government agenda. This trend can in fact be slowed, even neutralized, with basic political competency.

That’s Donald Trump’s message. He’s telling voters not to let the Washington GOP treat them like chumps. That is real progress.

Trump has proved that it’s possible to stand up to America’s political correctness police. Maybe others in the GOP will find their voice and speak to the millions of voters who have quietly given up on the system.

It’s hard to blame white majority voters who have given in to the Sharpton racists of the world. Right now about 15 million new green cards are being issued every year. So we may anticipate about 15 million families coming into our electoral system over the next 20 years. Despite what Republican Pollyannas say, these people will reliably vote for politicians who are far more liberal than the mainstream.

Enter the Senate Republican establishment’s support for a Chuck Schumer bill that would double that number to 32 million new green card voters. (The bill, supported by Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio, died in the Senate due to opposition in the House.)

The idea of alienating the massive white vote to chase the green card vote is absurd. The problem is that for every Hispanic vote they poach, ten conservatives sit at home on Election Day. That’s the larger, unspoken issue with the declining white vote.

Note this finding by the 2008 National Annenberg Election Survey (kudos to National Review Online):

• 62% of immigrants support government health insurance (compared to 45% of the native born).
• The 2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Survey of immigrants says 58% of immigrants support racial quotas, as compared to 35% of USA born citizens.
• Pew Research confirmed in 2011 that Hispanics, and in particular the children of immigrants, hold very negative views of capitalism – even more extreme than the Occupy Wall Street crowd.
• Pew finds 75% of Hispanics favor big government redistribution programs.
• Pew researchers find that just 29% of Hispanics support protecting gun rights.
• As for the so called Hispanics-are-socialconservatives bunk that’s all the rage in GOP circles, they are pretty much divided on all the social issues except for abortion.

National Review Online also quotes Frances Fox of the Democratic Socialists of America as saying that mass immigration “will solidify and expand the progressive coalition of the future.”

Speaking of lawlessness, the GOP Congress has essentially signed off on the IRS abusing Tea Party Groups. Is that because Tea Party activists want secure borders? Remember, top party elites have joined with the Chamber of Commerce to spend millions of dollars to defeat Tea Party candidates in 2016.

Lots of polling suggests that conservative voters increasingly hate the GOP establishment in Washington. Perhaps that’s why Mr. Trump did so well busting their butts.

GOP Has Life and Death Choice Before It

At least this is now on the radar screen: Does the GOP talk to its own white base and like-minded minority voters? Or do they chase left-leaning Hispanic and black votes, which can only be accomplished by the GOP going left? I say the former…here’s my thinking:

First off, the so-called white vote remains and will continue to remain the 900-pound gorilla in U.S. politics. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Think about it this way. Why is the black vote so important in American politics despite its mere 13% share of the electorate? Voting unity. Even a small monolithic vote is very, very powerful in our electoral system. This reliable unity in the black vote is often decisive in races and pivotal states in presidential elections.

The white vote is nearly 70% of the electorate, but it is much divided due to overarching historic factors. The first is apathy caused by white guilt – and this stretches all the way back to the Civil War. More recently, white voters have bought into political correctness, and want to prove themselves as good people. This is what’s so darned interesting about Trump’s refusal to kowtow to political correctness.

Remember, if even a small percentage of the white vote shifts, the impact would be enormous and buy the conservative movement another generation of viability.

For the first time ever, national polls show many white voters feel that they are the victims of discrimination, not the other way around. The actual level of this sentiment is probably much higher, because many respondents probably don’t want to reveal their private views on race with pollsters.

Mr. Obama’s polarizing presidency is historic in that regard. Al Sharpton and other race hucksters and the double standards they operate under are slowly breaking down the wall of white guilt in America.

Millions of white voters have elected and reelected a half-black president, so they have been there and done that now. As far as most of them are concerned, that marks the end of racism in America. Radical race baiters are not satisfied and want what amounts to generational reparations. Eventually, there will be some pushback in the white vote.

For lots of reasons, I predict greater white vote unity and turnout going forward.

Plus, Mr. Trump’s assertion that there is a rising Mexican Mafia birthed by our open border policies is validated by what everyone can see around them. The more that the GOP establishment denies it, the more dishonest they look.

The mainstream media doesn’t even want to identify the issue. The Associated Press Stylebook now bans the use of the terms “illegal aliens,” “illegal immigrants,” and “illegals”! Nevertheless, these forbidden statistics are now finding their way into the national political debate via the alternative media:

• 71.1% of all federal sentences for drug possession in 2014 involved illegal aliens. Says the U.S. Sentencing Commission.
• 17,000 requests have been made of “Sanctuary Cities” to hand over dangerous aliens. 63% of those set loose by sanctuary jurisdictions had serious criminal records, says the Center for Immigration Studies.
• 347,000 convicted-criminal illegals are at large in U.S. population centers.
• Of the 36,007 criminal aliens released by the government in 2013, at least 1,000 have re-offended. This includes assault with a deadly weapon, rape, child molestation and aggravated assault.

The more the GOP remains silent as these trends unfold, the more alienation they cause with the silent majority. Illegal immigration is coming to be seen as truly sinister.

The Obama Administration leaves huge tracts of the border open. Their solution is to create a system of internal check-points and absolute police powers within 100 miles of the U.S.-Mexican border. So instead of blocking illegals from coming in, they create a rights-free zone in the USA.

And Donald Trump is a nut for calling everyone’s attention to this? In 2015, the Rasmussen polling group found that:

• 53% of voters think illegal immigration increases crime.
• By 57-28, voters think the government encourages illegals to storm our borders.
• 62% favor Department of Justice action against sanctuary cities that shield criminal illegals.

Of course, the left know where their political bread is buttered, even if Pollyanna Republicans don’t.

New Democrat Vote-Generating Scheme Rolled Out

The Obama Administration has launched a massive new federal campaign to get green card holders to become voting citizens. It involves another cell phone giveaway and texting those recipients to join 70 citizen workshops the Administration is holding.

Over 8 million green card carrying immigrants are being bombarded with taxpayer paid commercials to turn them into voters ASAP. The Administration has appointed 4 citizenship ambassadors to publicize the initiative.

A coalition of immigrant groups known as “The National Partnership for New Americans” says they want to build off the “negative energy” of the Republican debates. They say: “People are hearing the hate and racist xenophobia on the national stage from the presidential candidates. They are angry, and this is an opportunity to organize.”

Millions of angry new left-wing voters and activists, just what this country does not need.

Here’s my conclusion: The Republican Party is at war with itself over immigration. The result is a divided, ineffective response to U.S. border issues, sanctuary cities and the bastardization of the 14th Amendment to permit anchor babies. Maybe some good will come out of the controversies generated by Donald Trump, even if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination.

Maybe the GOP establishment will see the light and maybe they won’t. What’s important for us is to know that powerful forces are in place to take this country further and further left.

You need to become more self-reliant on all fronts if you buy into my analysis.

Lee Bellinger, Founder, Independent Living

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