Your Firearms or Your Life

Gun Grabbers Seek to Disarm Millions of Social Security Recipients

Violent crime rates are up this year in cities across the country. That’s a reversal of a two-decades long downtrend. People who refuse to be victims are buying guns for self-defense. But anti-gun zealots have a different plan. They are exploiting recent high-profile shootings in an effort to render victims defenseless in the face of escalating thuggery.

Many blame President Obama for stoking racial rage. He always seems to sympathize with criminal thugs who end up in deadly confrontations with police officers. Mr. Obama sees going after guns – not the criminals that carry them or the cultures that breed criminals – as the way to fight crime. Yet the national downturn in violent crime starting in the mid-1990s coincided with a relaxing of many gun restrictions. And a rise in gun sales.

Democrats tried – and failed – to convince the public to surrender their gun rights. Democrat candidates have learned not to campaign explicitly on restricting Second Amendment rights. You won’t hear Hillary Clinton openly calling for all gun owners to be punished – at least not in 2015. But back in 1993, Hillary told the Senate Finance Committee that she supports a 25% national sales tax on guns.

Today, anti-gun politicians rhetorically affirm the right to bear arms. All the while they seek to undermine that right through sneak attacks. The Obama administration
is stealthily laying the groundwork for what the National Rifle Association calls the “largest gun grab in American history.”

On Social Security? Be on Guard…

The gist of it is this: If you take Social Security benefits, the government could take your guns. They just have to declare you unfit to own them. As the Washington Times (July 27, 2015) reports, “The Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity…to manage pension or disability payments.”

Millions of adults could potentially lose their Second Amendment rights. It will be made possible after Mr. Obama merges Social Security beneficiary data sets with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Demonizing a Flag Much Easier Than Demonizing Guns

And they call people who stock up on guns and ammo paranoid! Since 2008, supplies of ammunition have often been inadequate to keep up with demand. From handguns to shotguns, store shelves have been stripped bare. Shortages in .22 caliber have persisted off and on into 2015. Prices of .22 rifle ammunition have tripled since 2009 (with even steeper prices commanded in the underground market during times when it has been unavailable at retailers).

Sellers of ammo including Wal-Mart have put limits on how much customers can buy. In August Wal-Mart announced it would no longer sell AR-15s or other so-called “assault rifles.” Wal-Mart officials deny the move was politically motivated. But it sure does fit in with the pattern of corporate cave-ins to political pressure, often coming directly from the White House.

Recall how quickly major retailers fell into line regarding Confederate battle flag emblems. Wal-Mart, Sears,, and even eBay all decided to ban the flag. Everything from Civil War video games to history books to Dukes of Hazzard DVD sets got pulled in an emotional knee-jerk reaction to the Charleston shootings.

The Confederate battle flag was an easy tar get for the left. They know that virtually no major public figure wants to go on record defending it. They’ve wanted to banish it completely from public view for many years. They just needed a tragedy to exploit, and they got it.

What they really want is an excuse to take away our guns. That’s a much taller order. They try to exploit mass shootings to rally support for gun control, but the public consistently resists such efforts. Members of Congress who push for Second Amendment restrictions know they’ll hear it from their constituents.

Ammunition as Currency

Bureaucratic scheming to make it incrementally more difficult to buy firearms and ammunition is the path gun restrictionists are now taking. Massive buying of certain types of bullets on an unprecedented scale by federal agencies has contributed heavily to persistent retail shortages. Whether it’s a government conspiracy or a market made inefficient by the government’s buying power, it seems likely that ammunition shortages will reemerge.

So no, you’re not paranoid if you want to stock up! You’re prudent.

Some people are buying more ammo than they think they’d ever need because it serves as a store of value. Shells and cartridges can be used as barter instruments. Or they can be sold for a profit in the event that retail shortages trigger price spikes.

Aside from the potential monetary uses of ammunition, the main reason to stock up is so that you’ll have it when you need it. You hope you never have to pull the trigger in self-defense – and chances are you won’t. But you’ll still value the peace of mind you get in knowing that you won’t have to be a victim.