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By Lee Bellinger
  • REVEALED! The biggest preppers of all are top government officials – here’s why.
  • Collapsing emergency service alert – see how it’s getting worse.

Talking about what’s wrong and dangerous is sadly a full-time job. It might surprise you, but on the whole I am a very positive guy. No way I live in the woods or dodge all that’s great in life. I live by the idea that we can all thrive, even in dangerous times. Trust me, you can identify and tackle essentials like the greats do – and banish stress triggered by ugly stuff unfolding all around us.

The dirty little secret is you don’t have to be “rich” – it’s about having the conviction to think things through and just make a plan. Most people don’t. That simple action is essential to shielding yourself and your loved ones from dangers in this world.

If that’s where you want to be headed, this edition – and more to come – is exactly what you need.

How a Tiny Minority Soar Above All National Dangers

It’s been an odd journey. But forging breakthrough strategies for dangerous times has come to be my passion, my focus. I did political reporting for two decades and found it wanting. Because being informed is just not good enough – that is only a first step. What motivates and excites me is that a tiny minority always seem to ride above the mayhem and potential destructiveness of government tyrants, criminals, and other scoundrels.

Think about the trend-setters for personal liberty. The keepers of the flame from generation to generation. Always a minority – waiting for the right political environment to flourish. Like right now.

Independent Living’s founding in 2006 came about because conventional “survivalist” thinking falls so far short. Sure, get-rich-quick “water-bugs” (my term) are flitting fast into the self-reliance movement. Of course, that’s anyone’s protected right – but geez! Do they have no identity or life accomplishments of their own?

Let me explain a bit about my introduction to advanced self-reliance skill-making…

What I Saw In D.C. Living on a Yacht for Five Years – All Real!

For five years, I lived on a 52-foot vessel called “Off the Record” at a yacht club in Southwest Washington D.C.. Since 1892, that club has been the official mooring site of all the many mega-yachts that come to the nation’s capital each year. Billionaires from all over the world, including the Forbes Yacht – with its own bagpiper playing early each morning – to Bruce Springsteen’s floating palace.

By comparison, my “Off the Record” was a Chinese Junk!

But nice enough. While top lobbyists spent millions for offices and operations on D.C.’s notorious lobbying mecca, “K Street”, I got access to many elite political types on the much less stuffy D.C. waterfront scene. I often loaned “Off the Record” out for elite cocktail parties and fundraisers. It was a chance to rub shoulders and learn by observing major political players at close distance, and on a regular basis.

And one of the best and most valued skills I learned in that unique place? Knowing how to act on what’s said in private by big-wigs.

U.S. Government Elites Are Preppers – How That Changed My World, Big-Time

The striking “big lesson” from my D.C. waterfront “life chapter” is how many Homeland Security and other high officials are closet preppers. An acquaintance who also lived on his boat at the yacht club installed backup generators for the wealthy and powerful. He often told me of how many of them he was installing in homes in the posh residential area of McLean, Virginia.

Imagine it! At high-end cocktail parties all over Washington, the high and mighty making small talk about their new emergency generators. Comparing notes; their version of being better than the Jones’.

That got my attention. Even top government officials are preppers. Or should I say especially top government officials? Yet these federal elite want you to look down on average people doing exactly the same thing.

High-Level Officials Are Increasingly Paranoid about Critics of Government

Some bad news about all this. Among the many big government types I’ve gotten to know, very often they have paranoid beliefs about critics of government. Many elites see the liberty movement as a massive, implicit, white power conspiracy.

It’s a ridiculously overblown threat. Yet more than anything it drives the left’s war to nationalize the Internet, attack conservative activists through the IRS, prosecute moviemakers that criticize them, and force everyone into silence through political correctness. Beware; there are no limits to their tyrannical ends. Like Fidel Castro, they feel righteous in deploying the most extreme tactics against critics.

Many in positions of power and influence really do see white conservatives as a menace. In a national emergency, that could be very dangerous for harmless and needed critics of the state.

Even before notoriety-seeking Dylan Roof shot down 9 defenseless worshipers in a black church in Charleston, left-wing elitists have been pushing to justify oppression against critics of government. Republican, conservative, libertarian, it’s all the same threat in their minds.

Take this “pre-Roof” call to action in The New York Times, calling on law enforcement officials to crack down on critics of government: “As state and local police agencies remind us, right-wing, anti-government extremism is the leading cause of ideological violence in America.”

The biblical saying “don’t cast pearls before swine” is so true. Trying to convince others is usually a waste of your precious energies. Facts just don’t register much with people who have emotional, ideological, or pecuniary biases against what you have to say.

Don’t Waste Your Time Trying to Tell These Facts to Hard-heads – See Why Below

White violence against any race is tiny when viewed in proportion to population. High profile cases of Caucasian hate crime dominate the news, but those are rare if dramatic and are anything but a trend. It’s quite the opposite in fact. Think of airline crashes. They always dominate the news, even though flying is astonishingly safe.

Knowing what happens day to day in the real world is much more instructive. Over 800,000 USA residents are both here illegally and have a felony or significant misdemeanor charge. Yet Dylan Roof is the media star. When a Muslim (Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez) kills five Marines at a recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it is almost a non-event in comparison to Roof’s newfound notoriety.

It took Donald Trump (of all people!) to crack open the deafening silence of the political class. Had it not been for his sudden jump into GOP nomination politics, most of the candidates would have side-stepped the 300+ U.S. “sanctuary cities” issue. This is where local governments refuse to enforce the law – giving illegal aliens (including radicals from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries) protected refuge.

Truly Verboten Statistics Right Here If You Are Ready

Government figures compiled by researcher Jessica Vaughan show that illegals released by sanctuary cities this year included 3,000 felons. About 1,900 of those released felons reoffended within 8 months, in a wave of 7,800 violent crimes, including murders, assaults, rape, and child rape. (Credit to an excellent column by Phyllis Schlafly.)

My point here is that lots of folks in commanding positions of authority are themselves radical extremists. I really do think they see social chaos as a stepping stone to greater state power.

Greece-Level Debt Crisis Brings Predators Out to Storm Affluent “Secure” Households

A recent “state of U.S. cities” report by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker predicts a massive debt crisis in major U.S. cities and states. Among the many alarming probabilities this establishment icon warns about is basic social services collapse. You need to get your home ready and my free report (see below) on where to hide stuff in your home is an essential precaution to take now.

In Greece the debt crisis has come with strict capital controls over private citizens. To the average person, this means they must stand in line to be doled out their own money in increments of sixty Euros a week. So one week you stand in line to pay for groceries, the next week for rent, the following week for medicine. People are hiding their money and gold under mattresses on a wide scale.

Here’s why the coming post-Obama debt crisis (which may begin before he leaves office) is so important to your planning: In Greece, organized crime rings have responded with forced-entry raids – against affluent Greek citizens.

Now picture this: Among the 100 million+ who’ve permanently dropped out of the workforce, the coming debt crisis will feel like it is raining hammers. Widespread desperation accompanied by more and more police balking at legitimate law enforcement for fear of prosecution. And as you know, the jails are packed with unemployed souls. As more come back into society, the pressures will increase.
Organized foreign criminality is afoot in major U.S. border areas. So we are looking at the birth of a much nastier and more invasive (in this case Mexican) mafia to feed off the coming mess.

Watch Many Gullible House Republicans Fall into This Ugly Trap

Okay, let’s regroup here. More and police are sitting on their hands to avoid prosecution. So we have a breakdown of legitimate law enforcement. In turn, crime and the potential for social chaos are on the rise and more voters are noticing. The jails are already packed with unemployed people.

Of course, Mr. Obama is ready with his very own solution. Note that the White House political operation works hand in glove with Al Sharpton to push for national control of local law enforcement. I fear that a whole lot of dumb House Republicans might just get sucked into this one. As violence escalates, nationalization of local law enforcement is coming at us like a freight train.

My takeaway for you: Going forward, even affluent neighborhoods will see organized assaults.

Proof Mounts That 9-1-1 Emergency Call Services Are Crashing Nationwide

I’ve warned in recent issues that emergency response medical service as we have known it is going away under Obamacare. Recently, the FCC fined T-Mobile (a cellphone service provider) for an incident last August. For three hours, 50 million T-Mobile customers could not get through to 9-1-1.

The Federal Communications Commission estimates that nationwide, there are 27,000 9-1-1 calls made in the USA every hour. And that is during normal times, not during an emergency.

The current 9-1-1 system is a patchwork quilt of dispatch centers and networks and has been since its inception in 1968. Now tens of millions of people who have ditched their landlines rely completely on cell phone systems that interface very poorly with the antique 9-1-1 infrastructure.

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Lee Bellinger, Founder, Independent Living

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