“Shocking” New Study Blows Government’s Fluoride Guidelines Out of the Water

Fluoride in drinking water can be harmful at elevated levels. The government has acknowledged as much. As we reported in the June Independent Living (“Government Finally Admits to Over-Fluoridation of Drinking Water”), federal regulators have lowered water fluoridation levels. At least for some parts of the country.

Yet health officials still insist that the dental benefits of fluoride outweigh the health hazards. Health hazards that include discolored teeth, endocrine system disruption, lower IQ, ADHD, thyroid problems, etc. But a major new academic study proves that the argument for dental benefits no longer holds water.

In June, doctors and researchers with the widely respected Cochrane Collaboration assembled every piece of credible research on the effects of fluoridation they could find. They went back decades. Their key finding: No conclusive evidence exists that adding fluoride to water reduces tooth decay.

A scientist who reviewed the study, Thomas Zoeller, said, “Frankly, this is pretty shocking… This study does not support the use of fluoride in drinking water.”

Decades of Fluoride Dogma Now Discredited

Other researchers have found that when communities stop water fluoridation, cavity rates don’t rise. Sometimes they even decline slightly. Any real fluoride-based benefits to oral health come from using it topically. Toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain fluoride do help protect your teeth. Contrary to decades of official policy, drinking fluoridated water has not been proven to reduce cavities.

“The data suggest that toothpaste, besides other preventative measures like dental sealants, flossing and avoiding sugar, are the real drivers in the decline of tooth decay in the past few decades,” reports Newsweek (June 29, 2015). “Indeed, cavity rates have declined by similar amounts in countries with and without fluoridation.”

The obvious policy implication would be to suspend the fluoridation of all municipal water supplies unless and until it is proven to be safe, effective, and necessary.

But the government takes the position that it doesn’t have any such burdens of proof. The Centers for Disease Control continues to stand by its discredited fluoride guidelines.

You don’t have to heed them. If you live in an area with fluoridated water, you can get rid of it with a specialty water filter. Choose one that’s capable of removing fluoride contaminants. Or you can drink bottled spring water and use your tap water for washing and rinsing only.