Sinister Things Afoot, But Don’t Worry Yet.

  • Rough roads for critics of Hillary and mega-government.
  • Here is some “advanced lifestyle research” to save your life and help loved ones too.

Normally, Independent Living steers clear of partisan political stuff. (Maybe you’re grateful.) Besides, others do a great job of 24-7 blow-by-blow political reporting.

My focus is on what affects you, your family, and our mutual interests. So I share my very, very best solutions and help you to better implement them. Practical tactics only – using the very same trail-blazing lifestyle research created for my family.

There are really good things for you in my lead story this month. First, though, some national politics. A very accomplished financial publishing giant predicts that Hillary Clinton won’t win – perhaps even her own party’s nomination. I’m not in the know here, but am pretty sure that all parties would concede that provisioning in case Hillary wins is a must.

Hillary seems poised to carry forth with Mr. Obama’s “Saul Alinsky” abusive-government model. She’s run presidential primaries many times before and now has a near unbreakable lock on the democrats’ most dedicated primary voters. Next, the rookie GOP nominee must first prevail in a party-ripping nomination fight — and then deal with the first serious femalefor-commander-in-chief candidate.

I’ve seen no proof Bhengazi has “stuck” with the voters. As for email-gate: How can Hillary’s complaints about Congress rummaging through her State Department emails do anything but help her with swing voters?

My Prediction on Hillary Clinton Right Here

Note the reassurances from Mr. Mainstream Republican Carl Rove; he offers that Hillary is distrusted by many, many voters. I do respect Mr. Rove’s Wall Street Journal perch – but Mr. Rove knows the Clintons divert, divide, befuddle and intimidate opponents. And if they’re in a corner, they’ve proven able to vanish evidence, baffle Congress and brutalize eyewitnesses with impunity.

The eventual Republican nominee needs superhuman powers just to survive the left’s coming assault. The left want to install Hillary as president, and that’s it. My point is, don’t count on relief from thuggish government anytime soon. As predicted, Mr. Obama is just not going to do the lame-duck dance. Federal-agency bashing of Obama critics is going to get much worse.

Your Best Path Forward Detailed Below

Someone recently mentioned an email from a highly respected colleague in the publishing world describing Independent Living as a very good newsletter for “preppers.” I respectfully think he missed by a mile. The advanced lifestyle research I direct is only partly about “survivalism” or “prepping”. A very small part, actually.

Hiding in the woods for the end of the world is … well, it’s just plain dumb. Independent Living isn’t here to teach you to hide. Our mission is to help you live an optimal life, even in the face of unforeseen government meddling.

Being nice, peaceful and constructive is sadly not a defense – think of the recent federal assaults against Amish dairy farmers. Federal agents breaking a “leave-these-harmless-people-alone” wink and nod that’s been in place since our founding.

Seriously, what have the Amish done? Why do they need to be brought to heel? How is society threatened by the Amish? What is the motive? My advanced lifestyle research is about navigating the here and now with dignity….safely, legally and with true financial security. Even with great research, it is a chore.

My Proudest Research Now Belongs to You

Elsewhere in this issue, I hand you the keys to my very proudest research. It’s no secret that I build and sometimes even invent advanced lifestyle products. (Which many people buy.) There’s no obligation — I buy in bulk from quality suppliers so my offers are very hard to even find, much less beat.

I always share my very best product development research with you. That is my trademark. Every hard product we offer can be yours by just using my research to build or acquire it on your own.

In this issue I provide my very best detailed list you can use to build your own emergency hospital system — this will allow you to respond to emergencies in your own family quickly and effectively, in the event that medical help isn’t immediately available.

Below: These Valuable Videos Are Yours Free – And They Will Set You Free, Too

The Supreme Court has cemented Obamacare into place permanently. I’ve been preparing for collapsing quality in emergency med-services, as well as shaky prescription drug supply lines. What I want to show you how to get real-world insurance for your entire family and yes, friends.

Independent Living has for you another “how-to” video on building your own highly advanced bug-out bag. It’s all based on the first-rate research I used to make my family’s Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter System. This will save you hundreds of hours in research and development.

I urge you to take full advantage of these free services. You deserve them and someone you care about needs them too. Remember always, you are a trend setter and are free to copy all my best research for your own benefit. You never have to buy a darn thing from me – please, seriously, I don’t want that worry to be a source of distraction to act.

The urgency here is to just get these items now before trouble begins; it does not matter how you get them. Once a whiff of widespread trouble is news – you won’t be able to get these items anywhere, at any price.

Do Not Let Yourself Get Exploited Like This! Here’s How to Say NO

Picture what happens before and after a hurricane. A pattern of shortages, exploitation and even peril unfolds every time. Think about all that magnified ten-fold in a national crisis. As your community trendsetter, it falls on you to get these boxes checked – I have made it very easy for you to get this done.

Since you’ve made it this far, here’s my favorite Chinese proverb: “A wise man investigates what a fool takes for granted.”

Another free video shows you how to build your own home power reserve system using local resources. Everything you and your friends need to do this for yourselves.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, no worries. Customer service ships all active subscribers plans and specifications to any of our hard products, free. Including the shipping.

But don’t wait around too long, please. Independent Living is one of the last truly unshackled U.S. information powerhouses with a “how-to” emphasis. The bullies and the thought-police and the free speech scoffers are on the march, big time.

No free speech is safe right now.

Independent Living is not enslaved to Wall Street or beholden to media giants while I draw breath. We are skeptical of all power seekers, regardless of party.

Independent Living and its cutting-edge lifestyle research is my life’s work. It is absolutely not the spawn of uncaring staff, zombie corporations, or fly by night “survivalist” outfits. I do not nor ever will suggest anything improper or illegal.

Let’s zero in….you may have read how conservative movie maker Dinesh D’Souza got convicted for a “crime” by Eric Holder’s Justice Department. The assault began when D’Souza made a documentary critical of Barack Obama.

Even Small Conservative Movie-Makers Are Under Assault by Radical Leftists in Positions of Power

The feds used every resource to send conservative voices a message. They made an example of Mr. D’Souza’s very small gadfly movie making operation. Even as left-wing movie producers routinely throw massive budgets at advancing leftist messages in movie theaters.

Even the popularly acclaimed independent journalist Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report are a target of federal antagonists. Major Congressional legislators also insist that Drudge is shaping voters’ opinions. Federal forces want Drudge’s content subject to their oversight.

Are you aware that 41 Senate Democrats have cosponsored a Constitution-wrecking bill? Sponsored by New Mexico Senator Tom Udall, this bill would give Congress plenary power to regulate political speech. The political class will own control of speech if this ever passes.

Worst of all, young web people think that all the new speech control is normal. They don’t seem to get that not long ago, any political speech in any forum was sacrosanct.

One scheme that’s gained traction but has not come to fruition yet is to turn control of the Internet over to the United Nations. Even Luddites should be able to see the danger. The left is already “softening the ground” to get this done.

This New Elite Poised to Run Every Aspect of Your Life: Say No to This

Big government forces are firing on the obscure private entity in charge of assigning “domain names” on the World Wide Web. It is a prelude to seizing control of the Internet. The target is the private U.S. entity known as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is a private web licensing authority designed to ensure a free and vibrant Internet.

John Horton, a political ally of the FDA and other big government entities, is a political shark on steroids. Note his recent alarmingly unnoticed article attacking ICANN in the Wall Street Journal called “Unmasking Shady, Anonymous E-Commerce.”

Mr. Horton is one of the major ringleaders of the “bash alternative medicine” crowd. They ban critical medical information to help pharmaceutical giants own and control our health choices.

So should the web become nationalized, Mr. Horton and others like him will emerge as a new class of super elite opinion gate-keepers, as well as boundlessly rich.

ICANN is to be excoriated for child pornography, non- U.S. pharmacies, money laundering and extremism. All paving the way for total government control of the web … forever. In time, ICANN officials will evacuate their positions, happy to have avoided prison.

It is Not Safe to Be an Opponent of President Obama Right Now

I read a chilling article in the June 13 Wall Street Journal titled “When Treating Pain Brings a Criminal Indictment.” It’s by Harvey Silverglate, who is a criminal defense attorney and civil-liberties litigator. He’s also written a book, “Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.”

An editorial by Charles Kurzman in the New York Times sheds light on how dangerous public employees have become. Especially public employee unions, their lawyers, and many assorted snooty special interest groups, and academic snobs who can’t tolerate open speech.

In “The Other Terror Threat,” Kurzman spells out what drives left-wing prosecutors and public employees to feel justified in hatefully targeting conservatives as enemies of democracy itself. (Factually, their numbers about white racism being a danger are flawed. On a per capita basis, white-driven violence is far, far below other ethnic groups, including Muslims.)

What Community Pace-Setters Are Doing and Thinking Now

I see two basic outcomes. The first comes from visionaries who take it upon themselves to observe, learn, and adapt. They will be able to navigate their families through this mess successfully and end up well.

Most others are passive – they turn their back and hope the system will generally take care of their families’ interests. They probably won’t end up well.

Taking charge of your life is one of the true freedoms you really do have. Independent Living has blazed that trail for you. Follow our work and you can optimize your life to suit your needs in the interesting times ahead.

That’s all that matters, especially if Hillary takes the reins.

Lee Bellinger, Founder, Independent Living

P.S. Please see the enclosed briefing. It contains updated new helpful information to you. This is of great importance to your family. Valuable information and beneficial to the people you care about.

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