When Tragedy Crashes Your Wedding Day

By Lee Bellinger

I won’t delve into details, but my June bride Donna and I lost someone very young, very dear and very close to us on our wedding day. To make matters worse, the tragedy happened while she was on her way home from our wedding. The vows we took, “for better or for worse,” came home much, much sooner than Donna and I could have imagined.

Kaley was an organ donor, and as a result at least four people that we know of have been given a new lease on life. And then there was the amazing respiratory technician who tended to Kaley as we stood vigil over her in the Charlotte Trauma Center. Honest, composed, calm, sympathetic and through and through professional. It was an inspiration to be in her presence. And her courageous parents too.

When terrible events force themselves into your life, look for the lessons in them. And strive to bring something positive out of it all. In all tragedy there is an opportunity to seize on that trauma and do something positive with it.

On behalf of Kaley’s family and my own, I urge you to consider becoming an organ donor. And to recommend it to everyone in your family. If even one reader takes this advice, then Kaley’s example of selflessness will set the stage for many more lives to be saved.

Thank you in advance for helping Donna and I cope with our grief by becoming an organ donor. If this helped move you to action, drop me a note at [email protected]

We’ll tell you how to get started.

Last year, my Uncle “Tex” was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer. It was touch and go but he had the “goal” of making it to our June 6 wedding. When Tex showed up, he looked pretty darn fit, not at all like a man with aggressive cancer. Of greater interest is that his cancer had stopped spreading, and had actually shrunk a little. Positive attitudes matter in hard times; a sign of character that science now says helps good health too.

Blood Sugar vs. Cancer?

For most of his life, Tex has had high blood sugar and a sit-down job. After his diagnosis, he and his wife Sharon focused on diet. For the first time in a long time his blood sugar dropped to healthy levels. He’s been working hard maintaining his property too. Did that significant improvement to his body chemistry help to reboot his 76 year old immune system?

I think it might just have — based on a lot of emerging science about the problems of high blood sugar.

On another positive, I want to share with you my highly unusual wedding proposal to Donna Faye Rushing, made last December 22. We went to the movie theater that night. When the movie trailers came up, there it was, my wedding proposal (which was in the form of a 3-minute cartoon). It caught Donna totally by surprise.

Thank you so much for being in my family of readers – it really means a lot to us. Here is the link to my wedding proposal….