How to Build Your Family’s Off the Grid Emergency Medical System

Hello, everyone…..I have created a 26-minute instructional video on how you can build your family’s very own Off the Grid Emergency Medical System. It’s a free service to you as an Independent Living Subscriber. It reveals all my extensive research to assemble an excellent and easy to use emergency family medical system. And you don’t need anyone’s help, either.

Please get this done to defend your family against three ominous trends:

• The continuing collapse of emergency medical services.
• Huge numbers of new health care users.
• Doctors quitting in droves.

My Off the Grid Emergency Medical System is for people over 50 — which makes it completely different from any “first aid kits” you can buy. For example, it has glucose tabs, and relief creams for folks with poor circulation. As well as an emergency dental kit, and EMP-proof communication system so someone can go get help.

Last month I offered to sell you my prefabricated units for a very good price. This instructional video shows you exactly what you need to get for your family. It does not matter where you get an Off the Grid Emergency Medical System! Just that you have one. My video shows you everything you need to do.

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