Banking Jihadists Ban Fort Knox Cartoon Ads – See It Here

By Lee Bellinger
You are not going to believe how far the Fed’s media henchmen go to censor ads questioning Fort Knox’s gold inventory. Lots of interest in this one, like it fell out of the Internet ether onto my head! I’ve learned of a very telling act of censorship about Fort Knox. One that speaks volumes about how desperate the financial elite are to quash any public clamor to audit Fort Knox gold reserves.
It’s like this: They are even afraid of a silly, funny cartoon lampooning Ben Bernanke on the subject.
It all began recently when celebrity Pat Boone endorsed Independent Living. I am very proud of that fact.
Turns out Pat starred in some harmless, funny, cartoon ads that questioned whether there was any gold in Fort Knox at all. That happened in 2011. What’s not so funny is that all the major financial news outlets censored Pat’s parody – of Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama sitting on stacks of IOUs in an empty Fort Knox vault.
Created by the Swiss America Trading Corporation, it was playfully named “WHAT’S REALLY INSIDE FORT KNOX.”

Yes, the Mighty Federal Reserve and Its Media Allies Fear a Simple Cartoon

Do strange and creepy bad acts over cartoons sound familiar? Radical Jihadists are now assassinating cartoonists in France. Here in America, Corporate Jihadists are censoring harmless TV ads that only poke a little fun at the mighty Fed.
But what do I know? You should make up your own mind. See the 2011 cartoon ad that Wall Street corporate Jihadists don’t want you to see:

Hey, on a personal note I wanted to share what Pat Boone said about Independent Living: “It’s better to be one year early than one moment too late is my motto. What I like best about Lee Bellinger’s Independent Living is his practical advice – on everything from health to wealth to preparedness. The older we grow, the more important it is to plan for the unexpected.
Thanks to Pat Boone and all of my readers for making Independent Living part of your thinking and planning. It is an honor.