There’s No Such Thing As a “Failed” Terrorist Attack!

Do you remember that 9/11 was preceded by a “failed” car bombing attempt? It happened in ’93..
A truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower, and was intended to send it crashing into the South Tower, bringing them both down and killing thousands of people.
At that time, everyone thought about that as a failure. Just like the recent silicon valley grid incident “failed” to knock out half of our grid. In truth, it was only a rehearsal, as terrorists wanted to know how much damage the WTC’s structure could hold.
And what about the recent terrorist attack from Paris, where 11 cartoonists were shot dead by ISIS fanatics? That too, was preceded by a “failed” Molotov cocktail incident. Terrorist wanted to know if the headquarters had any protection, and if so, how many layers of it…
Get this: Once terrorists start something, they ALWAYS come back to finish the job!
And the attack on our grid was only a rehearsal for a much larger event – that terrorists have been carefully planning and warming up for. In fact they’ve been using other grids as target practice…
In June, 2014, a terrorist attack knocked out the power grid in Yemen – a traditional anti-terrorism US-ally. The entire grid! 23 million people were sent back to living like the early pioneers.
Fast forward to January the 25th, 2015. Towns and cities across Pakistan – yet another crucial United States ally in its “War on Terror”- plunged into darkness because of another attack on a transmission line that short-circuited the national electricity grid. 140 million people were affected.
2 months later, on the 31st of March, a massive nationwide power outage left three-quarters of Turkey – an essential US partner in the war on ISIS – with no electricity. 40 provinces – including Istanbul and Ankara – and more than 20 million people had their power cut off.
The country’s Energy Minister said the blackout was not because of a power failure, and hinted towards an external terrorist attack. Do you really believe these were mere coincidences? No wonder the Center for Security Policy in Washington talks about a coming “grid jihad.”
No wonder that during a press conference in 2014, former CIA officer and head of the task force on National and Homeland Security, Dr. Peter Pry, went on record stating America’s power grid faces an “imminent” attack.
In April, a power blackout on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange roiled trading markets for hours. More blackouts will occur as regulators force utilities to provide “green” electricity to customers. In the words of energy insider Lawrence Makovich, grid deficiencies could lead to the power shortages that plagued California in 2000-2001, “when consumers experienced dramatic price spikes, brownouts and rolling blackouts.

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