Government Sponsored Mayhem

A conversation with Independent Living founder Lee Bellinger

Lee, what’s on first this month?

People want my take on Operation Jade Helm 15. That’s the massive domestic military policing exercise being conducted this summer by the Obama Administration.

In it, U.S. Marines and other military and local law enforcement agencies detain, herd, pacify and control participantsplaying the role of private citizens. The exercise crosses many state lines. Jade Helm 15 and similar exercises are seen by many analysts as a harbinger of a police state crackdown or martial law.

Conservative news organizations, and yes, conspiracy folks, are talking about it. As is the left-wing media – especially The New York Times – who are stridently deriding even valid concerns as rightwing fantasy and paranoia. Jade Helm 15 has caused such a ruckus that its military organizers felt they had to issue a denial through Stars and Stripes magazine. In Texas, suspicion of Mr. Obama is very high. Some public officials including Governor Greg Abbott wanted to use their state National Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 activities.

I have no reason to disbelieve the military’s denials. They follow orders and cannot know the inner workings of White House intentions. The real issue is how this training might be used by Mr. Obama in a future crisis. After all, Mr. Obama has yanked the USA out of two major land wars. He clearly won’t start with boots on the ground anywhere else.

So why step up training our military to police civilian populations at all? Especially when the White House is pushing for so many cuts to military programs? There are dissenters in the military who are asking this question. It’s not an unreasonable thing to ask.

If you buy into the military’s denials, why give this issue so much attention?

Imagine your less-than-favorite neighbor installing a working Howitzer gun emplacement in his front yard. And then picture him explaining it away – telling you its long barrel is the “perfect resting spot for migrant birds.” Would you not wonder if he’s being straightforward?

My analysis of government’s ultimate intentions comes down to studying what bureaucrats focus on – and what capabilities they build. And who could argue much if military exercises were focused on emergency food and medicine delivery for some future crisis?

Instead, they are road-testing widespread martial law crowd control systems – including detention, pacification, and other advanced urban warfare skills. Again, if Mr. Obama does not plan any more land wars overseas, then why ramp up urban fighting skills in concert with local police departments?

Which brings us back to Operation Jade Helm 15, doesn’t it?

Yes. Turns out that the Jade Helm 15 war-simulation map labels Texas, Utah and parts of California as “hostile.” Right out of the classic movie “Seven Days in May.” I recommend everyone watch it sometime.

All this would sound crazy to most.

Most people don’t realize that one of Mr. Obama’s closest domestic advisors is Al Sharpton. I’m not the only one saying that – so does the reliably pro-Obama New York Times. Mr. Sharpton is at the forefront of pressing for thousands of elected sheriff departments to be nationalized under the Department of Homeland Security.

Was I the only one who noticed that Mr. Sharpton disappeared from his MSNBC gig as big chunks of Baltimore were destroyed under his “No Justice, No Peace” banner? Talk about beating the rap!

Riots being staged and orchestrated by White House political operatives. Now that’s what I call an underreported story. It’s resulted in police officers being assassinated. Many cops are understandably angry about that and in some cases have not intervened when violence breaks out. Can you blame them?

As social mayhem and police dysfunction make headlines this coming summer, expect more advances on Mr. Sharpton’s demand to federalize all local police forces. All that Jade Helm 15 militarized law enforcement practice might just come in handy for Mr. Obama after all.

Many would say that sounds awfully conspiratorial Lee.

Doesn’t it, now? Mr. Obama sure seems to believe that “No Justice, No Peace” helps advance his transformational goals. He recently tagged GOP rivals with this: If they want to prevent more riots, then the “rest of us” need to begin “making investments.” A president tacitly encouraging street violence in support of his radical agenda is a new thing in the United States. And a little too close to brown-shirt tactics for my comfort.

How about some specifics?

The curious behavior of Homeland Security in some parts of the country is ominous – and is generating legitimate suspicion of federal intentions. In many southern border states, the feds have set up roadblock and interrogation checkpoints. Numerous reports of intrusions, high-handed behavior and abuses against ranchers too. It is clear internal checkpoints for law abiding motorists are going to expand unless there is more push-back from the voting public.

Skepticism of Jade Helm 15 type exercises is therefore healthy. What’s wrong with asking hard questions and forcing the authorities to respond, as has been the case with Jade Helm 15?

Many big-picture people like yourself see the economy is improving and with it the prospects for social stability.

I just see a different big picture. It goes something like this: The economy has been chronically underperforming as compared to past recoveries. Improvements generated by money printing are sub-par. Nowhere near strong enough to generate jobs for about 100 million people who have dropped out of the work force, pretty much permanently.

Many idled souls and their extended families have drifted into questionable endeavors. A coarser public and deeper pool of criminal behavior has changed the character of policing too, for the worse. Lots of idle hands, lousy education options, growing dependency on dollops of public assistance and a sense of entitlement to what others own and control.

Mr. Obama recently mused that successful people are life’s lottery winners. And that they need to be better about sharing. This is a dangerous thing to tell desperate individuals who feel they have been failed by the system. He advances the canard that self-education, self-improvement and hard work have nothing to do with success. It’s OKAY to be a failure. And that all advances are about inherited, even racial, privilege.

And the pro-Obama media are stoking things too. At an airport I noticed the recent Time magazine cover which said “Black Lives Matter.” The implication being that white people wish blacks harm. A recent column by Dennis Prager pointed out that 9 in 10 black murder victims were murdered by another black. Only 3% of black homicides are the result of police action. The disproportionately high number of black convictions for murder directly reflects the number of black murders in the USA.

Is the Obama “divide and conquer” strategy working?

Insofar as that big government schemes thrive in a crisis environment. But Mr. Obama’s drive to inflame racial issues is causing a back-lash that Democrats in 2016 may not welcome. Arrogance and the law of unintended consequences can work against power seekers too. I call that hope, and that is real.

Most people are not going to embrace skin-heads despite Mr. Obama’s race-baiting. Instead they’ll keep turning inward toward greater personal self-reliance. Greater self-reliance is a deeply rooted trend. More and more people are concluding that the system is stacked against them.

Take the massive shift in pro-gun sentiment. In 1990, Gallup found that 78-percent of the public favored stricter gun control laws. Today, only 47-percent want stricter controls. In 1993, the public saw guns in the household as a danger by 52-42. Today, a 63-30 margin believe that having guns in the home makes a family safer.

Sounds like more Americans are coming around to how right wingers have always thought….

Have you noticed that the far left has its own highly evolved self-reliance movement? Go to any Lowes and you’ll see Mother Earth News magazines up on the racks. It’s run by the same leftists who publish the politically left Utne Reader. Mother Earth News doesn’t get into politics, beyond the normal green stuff. Instead it’s packed with usable information on how to go off the grid.

Self-reliance is a movement borne of the times. It is beyond politics; it is a movement driven by distrust of the system to protect people.

You said you wanted to add some additional comments this month.

Yes, I wanted to bring your attention to an important article by Dave Du Val. He is vice president of a company that advises individuals on what to do when they are audited by the IRS. In an April 30th article, titled “Beware the Speeded Up Audit,” he said that the IRS is retaliating against the public because Congress trimmed their budget. The essence of it is that the IRS sends you written notification to respond in a very short time frame, as little as two weeks.

If you don’t act almost right away, they drop a “notification of deficiency” on you. Once that happens, you are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Tax Court. At that point the IRS washes its hands of your case and won’t deal with it as an administrative matter anymore. As the saying goes, they make a federal case out of your audit. The consequence of that is you must then hire an attorney or licensed tax court practitioner to defend yourself. All that gets real expensive, real fast.

So if you do get a tax audit notification, it is important to act on it immediately.

Anything else Lee?

Yes, an article on page 14 details why you need to identify an emergency after hours care center near your home. Emergency rooms are bursting at the seams with new patients, even when there is no crisis. Yet a major Obamacare claim is that insured poor people would stop flooding emergency rooms for non-emergency care. An important study conducted by Oregon Medicaid showed that newly insured poor people stepped up their visits to the emergency room by 40%.

Plus, doctors are quitting their practices in droves. And all at a time when millions of new illegals are flocking to America to get all this “free” healthcare. Please do make sure you have a PLAN B.

In this edition of Independent Living, I have a briefing on how to make your very own emergency clinic for people over 50 and their pets – the insertion has a detailed list of exactly what you need to cover this base.

Thanks one and all for hearing me out.

Lee Bellinger

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Thanks again.