My Number One Worry

The following is a conversation with Lee Bellinger, founder of Independent Living newsletter. His comments have been edited for clarity.

Lee, you told us there are some recent developments that you want to bring to the attention of Independent Living readers. What’s on your mind today?

Let me say something positive and hopeful before I talk about what’s alarming me right now. You can’t imagine how fulfilling it is to coach so many on how to make their lives more secure in a very insecure world. Taking control of your own life is the most fundamental freedom you truly have. And it still works, too. I teach people how to acquire that freedom and put it to practical use through Independent Living News. It’s a comfort to be part of a larger social movement to embrace modern day smarter self-reliance. Improving and creating new options for your family, no matter what. It’s a slow process, but creeping realization is happening. Sadly, this may not translate into more votes for freedom. But as conditions become harder to ignore, more household leaders see the need to strengthen their families’ defenses. That’s a start. And shortly I have a big surprise FREE bonus for you on that score just because you are an Independent Living reader.

Some people think that self-reliance means tin foil hats and paranoia ….

Paranoids don’t address their dangers, they obsess about them. Paying attention is the first step to adapting to truth. It’s about improving your own mental toughness and focus. Making your life better is a mindset, a mentality. And it can be learned. Lots of people are waking up – the thinking person’s responsible planning is the only rational response to the rising mess all around us. Only morons are asleep now. Sorry, but it’s beginning to look like the “end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it” street folks running around with cardboard signs might be proven right after all.

Seriously, Lee?

Yes, dark humor is an occupational hazard. For me it’s so painful to imagine what’s going to happen to a lot of nice people. Especially the young ones who are addicted to cell phone use, Twitter and endless web surfing. Strain on so many basic civilizational pillars at once is scaring the you-know-what out of me. And I really don’t scare so easily when it comes to unfolding trends that are negative – I’ve been paying attention to evildoers on a professional level for decades now. So much so that few things they do surprise me. Today, I feel it in the marrow of my bones that something about this era is different, scarier and more unpredictable than ever before. One thing I cling to is that others are noticing too, and that more and more people want to consider my coaching tips. There are constant, ominous new developments in so many of the stories Independent Living has been focused on. And they seem to be speeding up, too. The hardest part of my job these days is to not sound like a broken record. It might be a continuation of a story, but these developments merit serious attention. This is a moment in history to be paying hyper attention to what’s happening around us.

Do you have a presidential favorite?

I think rising individualism and self-reliance are the best hope this country has, not candidates. This is one where I’d love to hear from the readers. My observations so far: There is a pretty deep GOP bench of candidates, and some choices, too. It’s good that Jeb Bush was a governor with a steady personality, but I get the impression he’s trying to win without conservatives and libertarians. Rand Paul has the best thought through public platform, but I want to hear more about how he would transition foreign policy. Paul may do better than expected because his dad has run the gauntlet of presidential primaries (Reagan ran 3 times before getting the GOP nomination). Rubio and Cruz are unformed in my mind so far; it may not be their time yet. Christie has claim to delivering blue-collar votes, but he’s hardly for a conservative agenda. And sometimes he goes out of his way to be disrespectful to many libertarians when the GOP so needs them. Scott Walker is interesting in that he had the guts and competence to take on state-level unions and prevail. Lots of people tell me they love Dr. Ben Carson. Readers please drop me a note on your presidential favorites or least favorites at [email protected]

And Hillary?

She seems capable of beating even the most legitimate of raps! Interesting that the Chinese are bullying U.S. allies in the South China Sea using advanced technology that the Clintons gave Beijing. You remember all that dirty Chinese cash flowing into their massive “soft ad” campaigns that helped sustain Bill Clinton through blue dresses, impeachment and an unspeakable number of petty scandals? Of course. Well now all that technology is being aimed at our allies in the region. With so much focus on Russia, I would not be shocked if Beijing militarily slaps Japan. Mr. Obama is becoming embroiled in the consequences of his decisions, and the U.S. Navy is down to about 100 deployable ships. If they go steaming into the South China Sea in support of the Abe government in Japan, it will be much more dangerous for our carriers than ever before.

Let’s get to other disturbing updates on the stories you follow.

So much of what is happening goes far beyond politics. As the disease of political control has spread, the need to prepare is growing geometrically. I’ve never seen anything like it. We are now such an interconnected, complex, technology-dependent, clueless society that we can be thrown into chaos by any number of factors. You can almost smell it in the air. I’ve been warning that Mr. Obama is creating a crisis in the power grid. The EPA has rolled out aggressive new decrees to further strain U.S. power generating capacity, and soon. As the plan goes forward, enough power to serve 57 million homes goes away. The agency is already telling states to tell their utilities to get ready to “impose energy conservation.” That’s not me talking about power rationing, that’s The Wall Street Journal editorial board [in their April 10 piece, “The State Electricity Revolt”]. Last month I talked about the rising tide of recent terror assaults against power grids – here, Mexico, and in other countries, too. The power grid is an even bigger target than the World Trade Center was. Bringing down the grid would shut down our advanced technological society at its very, very weakest points.

What’s your number one worry?

Power grid collapse is the most immediate and growing anger. I think a sneak EMP attack is in the offing. We already know there have been several practice hits on the U.S. power grid [see the enclosed letter for details on that]. There are signs some decision makers are catching on, but remember that the political system by its very nature is reactionary. Acting ahead of the curve, against a known and growing threat – no matter how dire – is something the U.S. political system is completely incapable of.

What are you doing about it?

As you know I developed a home power backup system that is EMP resistant, called the PowerWhisperer. They cost a little money and I am aware that many people cannot afford one. So I have created a poor-man’s version of the PowerWhisperer that you can build on your own with the help of some technically savvy friends. It’s yours free – my HOW-TO video on how to actually build an EMP-resistant home power backup supply for a few hundred bucks. It does not matter how or where you get some basic backup power, just that you do so ASAP. All you have to do is buy some tools and run around and get all the component parts, but you can get it done. The video is one hour long and is very detailed. Doing this is far better than nothing – and there is no charge to Independent Living readers to view this video. I consider it a public service. If you cannot afford a PowerWhisperer, then just use this video with friends. Let me restate this: It does not matter how you get an EMP resistant backup power supply, just that you have access to one, and soon. Follow this link to the video:

Have there been any other developments that are bugging you?

Mr. Obama’s anti-coal crusade recently caused a brief blackout at the White House, U.S. Capitol and the State Department. It all happened because green activists had finally shut down a backup coal fired plant in neighboring Virginia, the Potomac River Generating System. Of course, federal agencies and the White House all have their own backup generators. They have no intention of allowing their own use of electricity to be curbed, rationed or nit-picked. It’s the rest of us that the central government wants to live under electricity rationing. I am amazed that this failing power grid story isn’t making real news yet. The warning signs are becoming very acute.

What about the California water crisis?

Note that the state is using smart water meters to compel conservation and a whole lot of stringent measures. Making water a “free” commodity for so long, combined with discouraging the creation of new water infrastructure, is at the heart of the crisis. Bankrupt states always ignore water mains and other out of sight infrastructure until it breaks. Mr. Obama and his allies are of course blaming “climate change” for California’s water ills. All their failures have been swept under the rug, and now the California government has all the excuse it needs to lord water supplies over the people. How convenient for them.

Anything else?

Yes, I want to mention the passing of conservative author M. Stanton Evans, founder of the National Journalism Center in Washington. Stan’s organization gave me my start in reporting when I was just fresh out of Hillsdale College. My assignment was to columnist and author Don Lambro. I still have my Senate Press Pass from those amazing, formative years. Like so many independent journalists, I owe a debt of gratitude to M. Stanton Evans. He was a great American and he is missed.