Politicized Homeland Security Agents Target Liberty Activists

President Obama has made it his policy to never refer to “radical Muslim terrorists.” Even when he is talking about radicalized Muslims who have committed a terrorist act. It’s no longer acceptable to mention “Islamic” in connection with violent Islamic extremists. Even when Islam is specifically cited as motivation by the terrorists themselves.

Proponents of this politically correct whitewashing say it’s necessary. They want to avoid stigmatizing Muslims, the vast majority of whom are not terrorists. Yet when it comes to alleged threats from American “right-wing” extremists, it’s a different story. In that case, the Obama administration has no issue with painting the entire right-of-center movement as dangerous.

CNN recently obtained an intelligence assessment circulated within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The DHS document highlighted a “domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists.”

Yet there’s little evidence of a gathering threat to the security of the homeland from these “right-wing sovereign citizen extremists.” The government cites “24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010.” Over a period of 4+ years, 24 instances of violence isn’t exactly a national epidemic. Moreover, most of these “attacks” are isolated incidents. They aren’t organized. They aren’t terroristic in nature. And they haven’t resulted in the loss of lives.

It seems that DHS is making a fuss over “sovereign citizens” because it doesn’t like their ideological motivations. They want the government out of their lives. Some of these people have dropped off the financial grid and the tax rolls. So naturally the government fears the loss of tax revenue as the movement spreads. It’s more about the government engaging in political intimidation and trying to prevent the loss of tax revenue than any bona fide terrorist threat.

Beware of Associating with Movements
that Openly Defy the Government

Independent Living has long warned against joining the ranks of tax protestors who refuse, on principle, to pay federal income taxes. Regardless of whether it’s within your moral or even constitutional rights to refuse to pay taxes to a corrupt government, the reality is that you could still be prosecuted for tax evasion. The IRS and the tax courts won’t be swayed by sovereign citizen arguments. Those who put forth these or other tax protest arguments won’t be shown any mercy.

Granted, the IRS doesn’t have the resources to catch all tax evaders. But it does catch some. The risk you take by “opting out” of the tax system is having your accounts and assets seized. Or being sent to prison.

(Actually, you risk having your bank accounts seized by the IRS even if you dutifully pay all your taxes. In February, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen publicly apologized for raiding hundreds of accounts. The raids were based on the agency’s mere suspicion of illegal “structuring.” Most of the victims of the IRS’s wanton campaign were small business owners who hadn’t committed any tax fraud.)

Half-Baked Citizens Groups Are Paid
to Scope for “Right-Wing Extremists”

There are other risks that come from associating with groups the government deems to be right-wing extremists. Government agents have been known to infiltrate these groups to try to provoke, and then entrap their members. The federal government has also launched programs that reward private citizens for spying on “extremists.” One example is the Obama Administration’s “Counter Extremism Plan.” It organizes community groups to work as eyes and ears for Homeland Security.

At the same time, our own Justice Department works with race agitators such as Al Sharpton to foment violent eruptions of racial rage in places like Ferguson, Missouri. (Obama ally George Soros also helped fund some of the Ferguson protests.)

Feds Exploit Ferguson Hoax to Grab Power

The whole “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative – which sparked racially motivated unrest, looting, and retaliatory violence against police officers and random white people – has unraveled. The evidence shows that a police officer acted in self-defense by shooting a mentally unstable robbery suspect who had charged at him. Not even the Justice Department’s team of lawyers could find evidence that racism had anything to do with what happened. Or that Michael Brown’s hands were up. Or that he ever said, “Don’t shoot.”

But the left-wing Civil Rights division of the Justice Department insists that institutional racism exists. They point to the fact that blacks are disproportionately stopped and arrested as proof. (As if it’s the police department’s fault that blacks commit more criminal acts per capita.) On that basis, the DOJ has substantially expanded its power over local law enforcement agencies.

The Ferguson police department now faces being dismantled by federal decree. Countless other police departments are being ordered straight from the White House to ramp up Affirmative Action hiring of black officers. Or face federal oversight, punitive penalties, or even complete dismantling.

The federalization of police is gaining momentum, all thanks to the media’s spread of false racial narratives. Meanwhile, false narratives about “right-wing extremists” are putting liberty activists at risk of being monitored and persecuted.

Is Using Silver as Money an Act of Terrorism?

You may recall the case of Bernard von Nothaus and his silver Liberty Dollars. Justice Department lawyer Anne Tompkins had a few choice words for people who used his precious metals products as money. Her exact words: “Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of ‘domestic terrorism.’” Yes. According to the government, the unauthorized use of silver bullion rounds is an example of right-wing terrorism!

Bernard von Nothaus was sentenced on December 2, 2014 to 6 months house arrest and 3 years probation. To be clear, he wasn’t prosecuted for promoting silver as a barter instrument (which is legal). He was prosecuted because his Liberty Dollar rounds had a U.S. dollar value stamped on them. Although no one would likely mistake his silver bullion products for any currently circulated U.S. coins, that was the basis of the government’s case.

Using precious metals for barter is perfectly legal. If you’re concerned about whether a privately minted silver piece could be arbitrarily declared contraband, then stick with government-minted coins. U.S. dimes and quarters that were minted before 1965 are 90% silver. You can often obtain these for lower premiums on a per-ounce basis than currently minted silver American Eagles.