Sneak Attack “Probing” Raises Big Concern

Certain global developments suggest a devastating sneak attack is in the works. And it may well unfold in the awkward period before Mr. Obama’s scheduled departure. I also see evidence of “probing” – a military procedure that occurs in advance of a major sneak attack.

But let me reassure you … I am going to give you a solution. One that you can implement in the privacy of your own home. I will show you what to do, and how to do it – all part of my service – and without any further assistance from me.

Something big has changed and you need to know the most likely ramifications.

Gushing Domestic Oil Supplies + Plunging Prices = Bad News for America’s Adversaries

I mean sudden, unplanned American energy independence. So-called “fracking” technology arrived in the dead of financial night. No one predicted it. Here’s what convinced me: On a relatively small sliver of private-held U.S. oil production lands – and over the objections of regulators – our country suddenly has so much surplus gasoline that storage is an issue.

Suddenly, “depleted” oil wells both here and all over the world are no longer “dry.” They are part of an unimaginably large global oil reserve
potential that did not exist before – now at staggering numbers.

Yes, short-term USA oversupply of gasoline has halted some energy exploration. Other projects are shutting down in the face of the gasoline supply glut. The House of Saud cleverly ramped up production in hopes of creating a boom-bust feel to energy stocks. The Saudis seek to hurt shale operators in North Dakota, who will go bust if oil prices fall too low.

Still, as predicted in the October issue, the turnout in the last election vindicates state leaders who are in the pro-fossil fuel, pro-energy mode.

Political Nonsense Aside: Massive

New Fuel Reserves Are Just

Sitting in the Ground

Worst case is all that newly accessible crude will just stay in the ground, ready for cheap enjoyment by future motorists. My take: Gasoline
is not likely to go much higher than $2.50 per gallon anytime soon.

If validated, this is extremely bad news for repressive global regimes funded by state-owned energy sectors. For decades, Moscow and other bad actors have obtained cash flow from creaky, state-run energy industries to cement their political control, build weapons of mass destruction, and deplete Western cash reserves. They have squandered much of their loot on celebrity-seeking ego trips centered around international mischief.

Taking easy wealth out of the ground has allowed political pygmies in places like Venezuela and Iran to snake hypnotize the easily impressed – AND smile, smile, smile while oppressing basic freedoms with Mickey Mouse socialism.

Some analysts think that Putin’s regime benefits from cheap global energy. Well, how can that not be hog-wash? His regime needs hard cash from ground oil. Now that even the Canadians are crying into their gas-producing tar pits, Mr. Putin’s energy crash means he may yet have to tolerate an honest market economy for the first time.

Putin’s creaky energy sector can no longer fund his regional strutting and patently absurd shirtless horseback riding mind-games. In fact, flattened global energy prices are a potential threat to his power base in Russia – it’s a situation where Putin could be eaten alive by a collapsing economy.

Putin’s Secret Motivation to
Mix It Up With Barack Obama

Putin may soon be in need of even more distraction for his “Bring Mother Russia Back” hardcore voters – and who better than Barack Obama to safely and predictably provide it? Mr. Obama’s made-with-certainty mistakes are pure gold in Mr. Putin’s polling numbers.

Mr. Putin’s problem is that the salad days of the USA being beholden to “great energy rich” powers are over. The shoe is on the other foot – now Putin and others with financially brittle state-run economies are coping with the early effects of 30-60% drops in energy revenue on which they totally depend.

My point is that Mr. Putin and other regimes with nationalized energy companies are financially desperate and deeply contemptuous of Mr. Obama. It’s a bad combination that may even embolden them to make what seems like a crazy strike to take the USA down a peg – and before Obama leaves power.

Why Conditions for a

Sneak Attack Are Ripe

How desperate does one have to be to enrage America with a sneak attack? When U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt slapped a resource embargo on imperialist 1930s Japan, it threatened 90% of Tokyo’s industrial output. Under pressure from oil scarcities, the militaristic Japanese hatched a daffy, foolishly conceived sneak attack to disable U.S. forces in Hawaii. Even though some of its top planners knew they were sealing Japan’s eventual defeat by going forward with it.

Desperate, contemptuous despots start wars. Saddam Hussein in Kuwait. General Galtiari vs. the Falklands. Hitler into Russia. Imperialist Japan. Mussolini in Ethiopia. Putin in the Crimea and the Ukraine.

Enter the launch and curious flight patterns of a covertly launched Russian satellite in March 2014, officially known as “Object 2014-28E.” At first it
appeared to be normal space junk broken off a routine satellite launch. Until it changed orbit and docked with another satellite.

News outlets from NBC News to Newsweek to Discovery magazine to and Fox News were up in arms about this secret satellite launch.

Sneaking Rogue Objects with
Grid Wrecking Potential into Orbit
is Now Science Fact, Not Fiction

It’s what else “Object 2014-28E” could be carrying that’s truly terrifying. And not just this particular satellite. This Russian launch merely shows how easy it is to get unidentified objects up into space. And for China, North Korea or even Iran.

Imagine it: Rogue, decoy devices of unknown origin zipping over our country every 90 minutes. One may be able to drop an electromagnetic pulse weapon that could immediately disable large portions of our military infrastructure on the ground, all across North America. Not only that, an “EMP” attack would indiscriminately wipe out civilian infrastructure, too. Power, communications, food distribution — they’d be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Every single one of these countries has specific plans for using EMP weapons, all boldly written into their military strategic doctrines. And documented by Kevin Briggs — a former advisor to the White House, DOD, and the National Military Command Center… And one of Washington’s top consultants on possible nuclear attack scenarios, the effects, and military response exercises.

About North Korea’s Recent
Test EMP Attack on America

In July 2013, North Korea sent a tramp freighter ship into the Gulf of Mexico, full of 10,000 tons of sugar. “Tramps” are the rogues, the renegades, and the freelancers of the shipping world. They’re largely anonymous ships that work for hire. They maintain no schedule or published port of call.

They eke out a living carrying cargo from one place to another. Very few questions asked. And some are willing to carry more questionable “gray area” cargo, for more questionable characters.

This particular freighter looked a lot like any other tramp ship carrying sugar from the Caribbean to Asia. It crossed the Gulf of Mexico — not far from the U.S. coastline — then headed for the Panama Canal. It was only in Panama — well after passing by the southern U.S. — that the cargo was met with scrutiny.

Underneath the 10,000 tons of sugar, inspectors found two Cuban SA-2 nuclear-capable missiles — on their launchers, ready to fire.

Thankfully, No Grid-Wrecking
EMP Warheads – This Time…

North Korea had already confirmed they could bring those missiles just a hair away from the southern coast of the U.S. It was only when they tested the security of the Panama Canal that they were caught. These missiles would have been enough to put an EMP weapon into American airspace. They would have been enough to wage a blind-side sneak attack.

And all it would take would be one more “tramp” ship full of sugar going largely undetected as it passed by the southern coast.

The threat I’m about to reveal to you has been a topic of substantial research here at Independent Living News, since at least 2008. I’ve personally invested over $1 million into research on this. But I’m not alone…

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry advises Congress on this threat, in his role as Executive Director of The Task Force on National and Homeland Security. In May 2014, around the time Russia was launching “Object 2014-28E” into orbit, Dr. Pry issued a warning to the House Committee on Homeland Security: In his testimony, he said in no uncertain terms that this is an…

“Existential threat [that] could kill 9 of 10 Americans.”

And further, he warned Congress…

“The society and population probably could not survive for even one year.”

What’s so dangerous about something that could be triggered in a tiny “rogue” satellite, hundreds of miles above earth? Imagine yourself out for a walk on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii, on the night of July 9, 1962 – just 21 years after Pearl Harbor.

At nine seconds after 11 p.m., you look up into the dark sky, and see this flash of light. It’s as if, for a moment, the sun appears in the sky. It lights up the entire Pacific Ocean. Thankfully it is a U.S. nuclear test, not Russia’s.

The 1.4 megaton explosion itself occurred 898 miles from Hawaii on the Johnson Atoll – about the same distance as New York City is from Orlando. The detonation was 250 miles above the ocean’s surface — roughly the same height the international Space Station flies at today.

The street lights and microwave link — among the most sensitive electronics in use at the time — were the greatest damage reported.

It’s called an Electromagnetic Pulse — or EMP. An EMP is invisible to the eye, and won’t make you sick like radiation. It won’t incinerate you either, like the fireball from a ground-level nuclear detonation.

In Dr. Pry’s congressional testimony he pointed out that today’s microelectronics “are over one million times more vulnerable to EMP than the far more primitive and robust electronics of the 1960s.” A high-altitude nuclear explosion creates instant destruction of ground-level electronics with an EMP.

Now Here’s Where it Gets Really Scary

October 22, 1962. The height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviets launched a space rocket over Kazakhstan with a 300 kiloton nuclear warhead. It detonated over central Kazakhstan.

The explosion itself was 180 miles above the Earth — again, a level not far from where satellites orbit today. he heat and radiation would never reach Kazakhstani people on the ground — the explosion was too high in the atmosphere. And yet, the EMP explosion generated
immediately sparked a fire and destroyed the Karaganda power plant below.

It wiped out at least 350 miles of telephone cables. It killed over 620 miles of buried power lines.

On the telephone cables, all fuses blew, and all over-voltage protectors fired. Even ceramic insulators popped on some above-ground power lines, shorting the lines and sending them falling to the ground below. Radios were damaged 360 miles away. Radar was knocked out a full 600 miles from detonation.

Even military-grade diesel generators stopped functioning. At a stroke, Kazakhstanis were plunged into darkness and isolation. No power. No communication.

The EMP attack scenario from inferior, resentful powers is growing. Some are itching to take America down a peg. Many love the idea of using their primitive technology to take out our advanced technologies.

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