Be Prepared: The Medicare Advantage Slash is Bigger than Expected

Costs for seniors who use Medicare Advantage will go up as the two main insurers who provide the Medicare alternative estimate a deeper cut in payments from Medicare.

Already struggling with cuts made by Obamacare, the Medicare Advantage program was supposed to be sliced by less than 1% according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

However, after an analysis by Humana and Aetna, the two largest providers of Medicare Advantage, the cut could be almost double:

The stakes are high for many health insurers, which count on Medicare dollars for a significant share of their earnings. Medicare beneficiaries can choose to go with private alternatives to government-run Medicare, known as Medicare Advantage. These plans are provided by insurers that are paid by the federal government.

Millions of seniors rely on Medicare Advantage to get higher quality care than is available through Medicare Parts A and B. These cuts are just another way to undermine this program which is already suffering from the damage inflicted through Obamacare.

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