Why Net Neutrality is a Terrible Idea and Bad for the Country

Our good friend Seton Motley of Less Government,
wrote and recorded the following video back in December 2010 – the last time the Obama Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was on the verge of imposing its truly terrible Network Neutrality policy.

Since then, the D.C. Circuit Court has unanimously rejected this imposition – determining that the FCC lacks the authority under the law. Seton doesn’t think a lack of authority is going to stop the FCC from taking the market out of internet use and replacing it with statist control. 41A0BFDB-8145-47B1-98F2-BD14B206B3E9

He sees that the looming power grab is even worse.

“The FCC is (again) pretending to be Congress – rewriting the law and reclassifying the Internet to regulate it under ancient 1934 and 1887 laws – so as to justify the re-imposition of Net Neutrality. Which makes his video statements as pertinent today as it was almost five years ago.

Network Neutrality is a metaphysically bad idea. While it currently remains a far-Left wish list item, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to ram it down our throats to the egregious detriment of the American people. And commandeering vast new unconstitutional authority over the Internet in a pathetically transparent attempt to justify Net Neutrality’s emplacement – a power grab to justify another power grab.

This is a behind closed doors, unreviewed, un-Public commented upon, sneaky Administration takeover of 1/6 of our nation’s economy. The only portion of the economy that is actually still functioning in the midst of what is otherwise is a doldrum-laden Obama Recession.

If you’re not sure why Net Neutrality is so terribly bad, watch the video.

It lays out the worst portions of Net Neutrality – and the Marxist reasons why the Left wants it done.

Seton Motley is the founder and president of Less Government.