Gain Strength in Numbers – Form a Tribe

Three years ago, I revealed how upscal Americans have created “second home” communities in rural areas. In one instance, I flew by helicopter to an elite mountaintop retreat near Charlotte, North Carolina.

For folks who can’t afford an exclusive emergency mountaintop community – complete with all amenities, including defense, food, medical, and local surveillance – there’s a great alternative.

A recent Wall Street Journal story titled “Disaster Plans Go Hyperlocal” spells out how citizens in hundreds of U.S. cities are banding together. Pooling their talents to weather an extended national emergency.

It’s one positive side effect of dysfunctional, high-handed government – one with Al Sharpton quite literally at the very top of the USA’s social policy-making food chain. This great awakening slowly revealed itself with never-seenbefore levels of first-time gun purchases by private citizens.

People Banding Together for Food, Common
Defenses, and Medical Backup

Shortly I will tell you how many wise people are “selfselecting” into their own communities — increasingly pooling their resources with families, neighborhoods and private associations in dangerous times.

In times of non-emergency, people who form local support groups negotiate with local farmers for discount foods. In fact,
food-buying co-ops are springing up everywhere. And lots more people are quietly forming local defense groups against the rising possibility of social chaos.

Remember Those Heroic Korean Merchants

Remember those heroic Korean merchants during the 1992 race riots in Los Angeles? The violence that broke out after the Rodney King verdict? The cops stayed behind the barricades of the combat coordinates – and simply stood on their hands as mobs quite literally hunted down unarmed Asians and whites.

Well, in 1992, some Korean merchants in Los Angeles played it smart. They ignored all the political baby talk that left most white and Asian residents dependent on local authorities – – who made them defenseless with gun control and then threw them to the mercy of rampaging racists. These Korean merchants understood the danger far better than most white residents. They knew what would happen to them, their families, and their shops if rioting ever started.

They set up defensive snipers on the roofs of their buildings and kep tthe murderous race-hunters at bay. Despite media upset over the spectacle of private citizens defending themselves, their planning and deterrence paid off, because no one got hurt.

Today, lots of people are still in denial. Sooner or later they won’t be able to ignore Mr. Obama’s specter of social upheaval to rattle and intimidate the new GOP Congress. His armies of left-wing activists pounce on any social controversy that makes headlines. Recently, a left-wing activist driven by racial animus of the sort fomented by Mr. Sharpton executed two New York City cops sitting in their patrol car.

This kind of thing is going to escalate big-time as Mr. Obama’s power grabs and fights with the new GOP Congress heat up.

Sooner or later some incident is going to occur between police and protesters that will make Vietnam-era protests seem like a crowded picnic table by comparison.

A Comment I Would Only
Make to Trusted Friends

Orchestrated social chaos is brewing across the nation, and your hometown could easily be hit next. Yet no one in authority will warn you about it – probably because they are the ones who caused the entire mess in the first place. So let me speak directly, as one does among friends …

Will your family’s bases be covered when one day soon Mr. Obama seizes on the crisis he so wants, needs, and – by all appearances – has planned during the final months of his Constitutional term of office?

It’s all coming in the next 12-18 months. Never has there been a more critical time to step up and protect our families.

Let’s face it. If the power grid were to go down for weeks or months on end, you will need to depend on others who plan like you do to weather the crisis.

For short-term emergencies, basic prepping works well. But for an extended situation, simply having enough food, water and emergency essentials in place won’t be good enough. You’ll need security, too. A common defense. And access to medical care, fresh water, and a whole lot of other basics.

Avoid FEMA Dependence at All Costs

How many people in New Orleans were physically unable to get out of harm’s way when Hurricane Katrina hit? Did they have family to help them? Did their neighbors even know they were incapable of getting out of the house?

Let’s take a look at some of the emergency situations that could quickly turn into a disaster if you found yourself alone. Any one of these could throw you into a situation where self-reliance becomes your only option. In some circumstances you’ll have to fall back on your own supplies of fuel and food.

Any one of these could throw you into a situation where self-reliance becomes your only option. In some circumstances you’ll have to fall back on your own supplies of fuel and food.

In some you’ll have to be prepared to defend your family and your home.

In others, you’ll need to be prepared to bug out and leave your home altogether.

And now we are getting to the heart of it…

Being Alone is Your Worst
Option – See Why Here

Your chances to survive and thrive will always decrease dramatically if you are alone. Particularly if you or a member of your family is injured or is in some other way incapacitated.

So what can you do about that? Well, I guess you could call up a neighbor, someone from a sports club you belong to, or a fellow member of your church…

But you know what? They are all facing the same problem. They’re freaking out too. And if you did find four or five other people or families to get together with, what would you do? There is no plan in place. Nobody knows what they are meant to be doing or contributing. There’s no real cooperation or benefit to anyone.

Hey, good people will always try to help. But when you throw a group of people together under pressure, with no plan in place, it gets kind of chaotic in a big hurry. Worse still, you end up with inaction and paralysis. Not so good.

The only way you can be sure of things going well is to be part of an EXISTING and well-prepared group of people who have each others’ backs.

This is Something to Quietly
Share with Extended Family

What you need is a disciplined survival group. Or better still, a Survival Tribe.

Because all it takes is a small injury. Or a threat that’s too big for one person to handle. Or the failure of a single piece of equipment. Or a mistake that would be insignificant in normal times…but potentially deadly during an emergency.

The truth is, humans are at their strongest and safest when they gather together in groups.

And not just groups, but tribes. Tribes are the most resilient groups of humans on the planet, and always have been.

There are tribes in remote parts of the world today that have survived for thousands of years. It was the tribes of Afghanistan that finally beat one of the greatest military leaders of all time, Alexander the Great.

And those same tribes beat the full might of the British and then the Soviet Union armies. They gave us a good run for our money, too.

Tribes draw their strength from a powerful sense of community and their pursuit of a common purpose.

They are tough and self-sufficient. In other words, for anyone interested in surviving natural or man-made disasters right here in the U.S., one of the most powerful steps you can take is to join or create a tribe.

Not a loose-knit collection of buddies. What you need is an all-in, no B.S. Survival Tribe, with the right collection of skills:

These are just some of the skills you’ll find among the members of a successful Survival Tribe. Of course, not everyone within the tribe needs to be an expert. You can include your Aunt Beth even if she doesn’t have any apparent survival skills. When the time comes, she’ll be quick to offer help to any of your specialists.

Are you beginning to the see the difference a Survival Tribe can make?

Going it alone in an extended emergency just isn’t an option. And forming a group of family, friends and neighbors takes you only part of the way. Some groups will do okay. Many will fail when put to the test.

Your Plan of Action

Of course, there’s more to a successful Survival Tribe than simply choosing its members and then waiting for an emergency.

Let’s look at what it takes to put together your tribe:

Creating a great tribe doesn’t just “happen.” There’s more involved than simply joining a group of people who agree to get together and help each other out during times of emergency. A lot more.

You have to learn together. Plan together. And train together.

You have to be disciplined, systematic…and do it right. Here is a rough guide to what you should be doing:

I’ve got some great free reports coming your way soon that will tell you how to form your own local tribe. For now, start thinking about whom you might recruit for your tribe once I start rolling out my specific organizational suggestions.

Even if you don’t form a tribe for yourself, think about how your extended family might benefit from having one in the final two scheduled years of Mr. Obama’s presidency.