When you need to Bug-Out – you don’t want to stop and think – you just want to go

The journalist, David Horowitz wrote a great article in The Washington Times on Sunday, January 11, 2015.

He called it a warning from Paris.

The Islamic terror attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris was carried out by Muslim criminals who were apparently trained in Yemen.

Meanwhile, national security officials are warning of an imminent threat to Europe and the United States from jihadi soldiers who are returning from the wars in Syria and Iraq. According to the head of the FBI and other first responders, there is no way to stop their re-entry because, after all, they have American passports. Nor is there any way to stop them in Syria and Iraq since President Obama has surrendered both countries to our enemies.

Of course, the president doesn’t like the word “terror” to begin with, let alone “Islamic terror.” Thanks to him, the Islamic war against the United States is officially referred to as an “overseas contingency operation,” while domestic Islamic mayhem is filed under the category “workplace violence.”

Workplace violence! The President is an ostrich! The Administration is hiding from the all too obvious evidence that there are non-peace loving Muslims who consider America to be “The Great Satan” and wish her and her citizens, harm. And as Horowitz points our, we may not be aware of their presence as they can move amongst us freely.

We are all at risk. Some more than others. Office blocks, busy city streets, schools, target industries, American icons, military establishments, Christian places of worship — they are all potential targets.

The key is perpetual vigilance — and preparedness. Everyone needs a Plan B. We all need to be able to “Get out of Dodge.”

Don’t look to the government. They’re not ready for anything. They’ll be no help from them if you get caught up in a terrorist situation until right at the end when the ambulances appear. You’re going to have to look out for yourself — and your loved ones.

And it might not be as easy as escaping and heading back home. Things might be more complicated. There could be a citywide bomb threat. Your route home might be closed. Or the public transport system might be compromised. It could be that you need to shelter in place. Or you may need to head for the hills for a while. Your family member may be in college and locked down. Or in a city tower block. You could be trapped in your vehicle.

Whatever your situation, you need an insurance policy for any type of social chaos. No, not a piece of paper but a 200+ piece survival kit that covers ALL your basic needs when you’re unable to access to normal society.

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